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Dirty Earl does some shitty acting, but can't blame it on the dialogue: "Shit, back home on the news I'll bet you they're talking about what heroes we all are now. Reality is we're the kids other parents told their kids not to hang with in high school." Somebody tells the kung-fuing Rudy to put a shirt on, and Dirty keeps up the horrible line reading, which is so apocalyptically bad that Lilley must tape it: "You know what I'd like to see? A couple of them college kids from an MTV beach party drop into Iraq. They could see what being a hero is really like. The first time they'd see what it was like not to have control over their fucking lives. Second thought, scratch that. Middle-class college kids out here will get us all killed."

Q-Tip is all, "Yo, what I'd like to see? Shit, I've seen 203 rounds go into windows and through a door one time. What I wish I seen? A grenade go up in someone's body and just... Boom. Blow that shit up." It's filmed just as disgusting as it sounds, with his eyes all stupid and hungry and angry and nasty, and Espera being grossed out while Q-Tip licks his lips at the thought. Of seeing a grenade explode a human being's body, from the inside out. Evan talks about this moment -- without naming the Marine in question -- as a kind of sickening moment where everybody was simultaneously appalled at him saying it out loud. Of all the different movies you can be in, that's one you share only with Captain America. Everybody else talks about warrior spirit and killing all the time, getting horny when you're shot at, but this is not the movie they're in.

Lilley videotapes a guy up in the stands who gets his gun caught in a fence and, yanking on it, manages to fall down and roll around for awhile. They all act like it's hilarious and slapstick, but it's not visually that stimulating or funny, it's just this guy being awkward and everybody else laughing really hard like they saw something funnier than we did. A guy gets meaningful as Q-Tip looks up at the sky and Ray gets even quieter, I guess because they still had twenty awesome speeches on index cards scattered around some office somewhere that hadn't made it into any other episode. "You know the military can fuck up anything. They can even make going to the beach suck. But one thing that ain't overrated is combat. You take rounds, you shoot back, shit starts blowing up... Fucking sensory overload."

"That was cool," Ray says as they leave Baghdad. "Who do we invade now?" Brad knows it's not over. "We don't even know what we've started. We may be here all summer long." Espera gives a speech about how, in terms of the actual mission this force was tasked with, we just watched them be awesome: "Twenty-one days. Twenty-one days to take down an entire country. You gotta give the white man his props." Next truck back they're singing "Come Sail Away," and behind that there's Nate listening to them. Listening to Styx, washing up against the shore. Later, Evan and Espera have another awkwardly shoehorned-in conversation about Poke's wife. "My wife, man, she's smart, but... she fucked up when she married me. I was a piece of shit. I remember the first time I met her, she told me about all the books that she had read. Dog, it hit me. There's a whole world that I missed. Before I met her, I used to think: I got a shit load of hand skills, welding, pipefitting, repoing cars. Any pussy can read a book. See, I didn't... I didn't grow up with no understanding. My mom tried, but... but my dad, he was this... he was a psycho ex-Marine Vietnam vet. ...He won a Bronze Star. Shit, I wish I had his warrior skills. But... he left us. Left after his fucking jealous bitch of a girlfriend shot his ass in my mom's house. One day my old man, he tries to patch things up with me. He's gonna take me fishing. Except on the way to the lake, he takes us to this porn shop so he can have a jack in the booths. Leaves me outside in the parking lot. Where this... old fruit tries to cruise me. I threw a fucking brick through that fool's windshield. That was our father-son trip."

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Generation Kill




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