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Outside, Rudy's asking Wynn what they're supposed to do once all the vehicles are staged: dig ranger graves? "Combat's over, Rudy. Besides, you can't dig through concrete." Brad goes looking for the story with Kocher and Redman, and Dirty tells him to ask them himself. "They're back with Motor T, Colbert." Brad is grossed out, but heads off to find them. He walks right past Captain America, who sits like a toad.

Brad finds them inside a building, doing maintenance. "Brad, how do you like my new MOS? I'm a fucking POG!" They listen to rap music; Redman says at least there's wonderful tunes. "It's gangsta back here with the POGs, dude." He explains why they're suddenly not Recon anymore: "Because of that EPW takedown, the one where Captain America was trying to get us to help bayonet the hajji." Brad knows. "He tries to stick the dude, we stop him, we get suspended." Eric nods grimly. It was the reservists that reported the unit. "Same First Sergeant who shook my hand and told me I saved his life when I pulled that EPW out of the bushes writes up a report saying we're all involved." So for trying to stop the Captain, they've become war criminals, full inquiry: "Godfather's on it personally." And for once, I don't mean Mattis's cock.

Brad asks why, then, would Captain America be right out front commanding the Platoon. "They relieved him," Eric explains. "For about twenty minutes. Reinstated him. Seems like officers don't like to suspend other officers." Now, yes, every single one of the people on the screen is trained and paid to brutalize people. "But our Captain, he's brutal to the wrong people." Brad promises to do whatever he can, which is a lot considering his own luck in having a Platoon commander who isn't a BSE case in trousers. Redman thanks him as he leaves; Eric just stares into space.

Brad, of course, runs straight into Captain America coming out. Which is to say that Captain America has been waiting this whole time for Brad to come back out so that he can kiss his ass and try once again to get anybody and everybody on his side, because he has no idea that his side is shit-crazy, because nobody knows when they're crazy or else they would cut that shit out. "Brad, you heard, didn't you? I'm not gonna stand for my men being fucked like this! My uncle's a full-bird Colonel at CENTCOM! And I'm contacting him! I'm hiring a lawyer! For all of us!" Brad's like, Oh are ya? "The important thing, Brad, is that Eric and Redman hang together! We don't want them talking on their own! Eric looks up to you! Let him know I gotta take the lead!" Man, the only thing grosser than Captain America freaking out is Captain America being sleazy and trying to work people.

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Generation Kill




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