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Brad: "Reporter, what the fuck was that?" Evan explains -- quite reasonably, never mind the heaving breath and general loss of facial control -- that much like Alan Arkin in The In-Laws, he was running evasively. To his credit, there's something in his demeanor that signals his essential understanding that this was a Captain America crazy-pants move and that he was just reaching back for the first movie he could think of that explained how you deal with this situation. Which... is the point of the show, and Captain America. We deal with things how movies told us to/we must never deal with things how movies told us to. "The next time we come under fire," Lovell explains, "Run in a straight line. You'll live longer." Brad, of course, additionally mentions how this will facilitate Evan living "a full happy life of betraying us and others with your venal lies." And just like Brad, Nate smiles lovingly down, because that's the best shit they've seen in weeks.

While looking for a place to do some looting themselves, Manimal explains to Christeson and Q-Tip about how they're restricted to one patrol every three days: Charlie today, Bravo tomorrow, and then Alpha. There's a whole Lewis Carroll thing there but I already used up my Lewis Carroll points on another show. "How the fuck are we supposed to take over Baghdad on one patrol a day?" T, I think, explains that it's the usual Meesh issue: Battalion's one translator means only one way to deal with the urban environment. Where, you know, people are. One Meesh was enough when they were mostly fighting dudes and sand -- frankly, one was a little too many for yours truly -- but now that they're actually fucking up an entire city, Meesh is center stage.

They head into some random building and are greeted by some snotty fellow from Fourth saying they've already occupied the structure, and go ratfuck some other establishment. We haven't talked about ratfucking, but it's when you go through the sack of castoffs from the MREs looking for stuff you actually want. Like if my whole team hates jalapeno and cheese, you might ratfuck yourself into a whole grip of jalapeno and cheese. So "looting" becomes less of a liberal gloss on my part once they say that: they're looting. They're bored, down to one patrol every third day, wanting to fuck things up and steal things and generally express hate in new ways, and these guys got there first. Which is sad, most especially because these our guys are Recon guys, which mean they're a billion times more rapey and looty and scary than the rest, but also means that in the sadness of the problem lies the horrific brilliance of the solution.

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Generation Kill




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