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Can You Hear The Drums, Ferrando?

"LAR taught these hajjis a lesson they won't forget," Casey Kasem smarms. Nate's not feeling it: bend the ROE too far and it'll break, and these two couldn't follow protocol if their lives -- or the lives of, say, hundreds of Marines -- depended on it, because they don't have the actual capacity to understand protocol. "Girl with the chopped off legs is sure gonna remember." Encino Man's weirded out by this sudden reference to something, to this thing you can look at through a gunsight or a camera, as though it were real. He's nearly offended, and a little sad somewhere in there. Casey Kasem's just self-righteous. "The hell is your problem?" Um, really? Okay. "Last night my best team could only maintain night optics at 50%. You are not supplying us with the batteries we need." Casey Kasem gets very fucking harrumphy about it and Nate's like, "You've got more optics and thermals on that vest than I've got in the whole platoon. And I bet you've got the batteries to run them all night long..." Casey has the balls to be offended by this, and interrupts: "-- You're way out of line. These are for Bravo's command." Encino Man, trying his tragic best to be helpful, offers some helpful words of encouragement. "The men need to conserve resources. The Marine Corps teaches that." See what I mean? He's so amazingly stupid that he becomes totally awesome, like that show Bones. He's like if you took that "M-O-O-N spells moon" guy from The Stand and gave him three whole Marine Platoons to play with.

Brad leads the guys into the encampment. I don't even know who he's with, because it's Christeson and Christopher and Doc Bryan, all of whom may well be the same person or have the same name, and I realize I'm not going to figure that out this week, but it's a Perfect Storm anyway. Q-Tip is recognizable by his intonations and inflections, although he does not say "screwby" at any point. Q-Tip hisses at Christeson, aka "PFC Fucknuts," to watch out for booby-traps. "Don't blaze a trail. Tread in Sergeant Colbert's footsteps." There are flies, and lots of dead bodies, and they creep and creep and creep around to no obvious purpose. At some point Christeson sees a bag of rice and decides to pull out his dick -- "Say hello to my little friend" -- and pee in it. Why? Nobody knows. "Denying the enemy." Christopher or Doc Bryan is grossed out, and forgets Nate's last warning about observing without admiring. "These men living here on rice and beans, sleeping out here in the cold on these rags, these are some fucking hard men. You ladies bitch if you get a MRE without a fucking Pop Tart."

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