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Can You Hear The Drums, Ferrando?

"Where did we get the so-called interpreter?" asks Doc, possibly not for the first time. Nate says Meesh told him that he works directly for General Mattis, Evan says Meesh claims to work for the CIA, and Brad says that back at Camp Mathilda, "He told me he could hook me up with free satellite TV."

Young Battalion guy radios to say that -- though he can't locate Encino Man -- they need to know that Alpha and Charlie are taking heavy fire from the town. Nate reminds everybody to be cool and tells Brad what's going on. "Looks like another Nasiriyah." Battalion command says they're going to find a way around the town, to link back up with RCT-1, and Nate agrees. Everybody splits to hold the position until Battalion figures it out. PS they will never figure it out.

Ray puts his helmet back on as Evan climbs back in; Brad talks to them through the window. "Gentlemen, we're looking at a pretty short ride. We're gonna link up with the Regimental Combat Team, after which we rack out tonight." Trombley is of course heartbroken that they're not riding through the town. "But I didn't get to shoot yet." Ray points out that the town managed to stop an entire regiment, "with like tanks and shit," but Trombley's not having it. His lip starts to tremble. "But I didn't even get one..." Brad tries again to explain the whole thing about dying, but can't get traction: "-- Trombley. If we went through that town, we'd get smoked." Trombley does not give a fuck about your logic, and you can shove your Orange Mocha Frappucino: he wants to shoot a gun. They gave him a gun, and he's really good at using it -- it's his thing, the thing he's good at -- and now the whole world seems to be conspiring, so as to keep him from using it. It hurts his feelings.

Godfather is overjoyed by Alpha Company's performance -- "a danger-close fire mission... good effect on target" -- and radios in to tell them so. Unfortunately, it gets his blood up so high that he decides that "Ferrando doesn't give a fuck what they call it" and they're going to push through the town after all. "Do we have a sitrep on enemy forces inside this town?" Um, other than how they managed to stop Col. Dowdy and seven thousand RCT Marines? "Yeah. Enough to stop Colonel Dowdy. But personally, Godfather doesn't like being told what to do by the enemy. I don't like the fact that the enemy had me sitting in this shithole for the past couple hours." Young Battalion guy stares at Sixta, who is grinning like he just fucked a farm animal. "I might choose a different hole, somewhere else. I plan to find that hole by going through that town up ahead. If there's one thing I learned these past days in Iraq, there's no shortage of shitholes. More shitholes in this country than oil wells." He radios to Patterson and decides that given how Alpha "did a shit-hot job calling in those danger-close fires ... just like you were shit-hot taking out those forward observers by the Nasiriyah bridge... I want Assassin on point when we push through that town. How copy?" Patterson's surprised, firstly because apparently Godfather actually is capable of using the singular first-person pronoun we all love so much, and secondly because they just figured out the route around the town. No dice. "I want you to step off in five mikes. Push through that town. How copy?" Patterson's like, "Fucking honored. Dying for no reason at all should be really cool and interesting."

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