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Can You Hear The Drums, Ferrando?

Ray finally pulls his pants up while the lady just keeps staring -- I mean, what do you do? -- and heads over to make small talk with a team from Alpha Company nearby. "You guys in Alpha getting some?" Lilley laughs and videotapes their conversation, which is all about how Bravo Company is dicksmokers, et cetera, and then Ray grabs one of their diaries away and starts reading. I hope we come back to this part, because the actually important part of this scene hasn't hit yet. "Leading men into battle is my calling... Since I was young, I felt drawn to the warrior society." That's a little gay, Ray notes. "Our minions are rolling... The people here live like rats. Hopefully what we are doing will lead them to a better life." Cody finally gets his diary back from Ray; Lilley videotapes them all. "Your calling wasn't to be a warrior, man," Ray laughs, "It was to be a fucking retard."

Team Two and Gunny Wynn listen to the BBC talking about an Army supply unit that were ambushed outside Nasiriyah, and how inside the town there have been heavy Marine casualties. And since First Recon can't be there, they're going to do the next-best thing: bitch and moan. Pappy relates a rumor about the Iraqis fake-surrendering, and Wynn just wants to know about the Marine casualties, and quietly says one of his weird sayings ("Never pet a burning dog") that he says from time to time. The weird sayings are the main thing that makes his whole relationship with Rudy make sense, to me. Doc Bryan -- always angry, never wrong -- is angry to have his thumb up his ass while Marines are dying a few kliks up the road. Nate strides up yelling and everybody scrambles back into position, then he tells Brad what's now going on.

"We've got orders to bust north to Nasiriyah, support the regimental combat team there. And there's been a change in the ROE. Anyone with a weapon is declared hostile. If a woman walks away from you with a weapon on her back, shoot her. If an armed Iraqi sells Good Humor out of the back of a VW, shoot him. I don't care if you hit him with a 40mm grenade." Everybody gears up, and Doc Bryan starts going down the line, checking everybody out. He shakes Trombley to get his flak vest closed, then bitches at him to get his tourniquet out of his pocket and tied where it's accessible, etc., momming him to death. Awesome. I like him so, so much. He finally lets Trombley go, and moves on to Evan, who's wearing a bullet-proof vest he got off eBay. Christopher helps him get the vest secure -- and no, even having them in the same scene doesn't make it any easier to tell them apart -- and Bryan's easy way with everybody, from Chaffin to Fick, impresses everybody.

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Generation Kill




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