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The Cradle Of Civilization

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Can You Hear The Drums, Ferrando?

"And this lunatic doesn't even know he's in Iraq," Doc says, pointing to Rudy. "Thinks he's a superhero from some Japanese comic." Rudy thinks of the gayest thing he ever said or did, then breaks his best personal record: "I put on my superhero uniform every day I'm in the Corps, brother. Hoo-rah?" Somebody tosses him a pity hoo-rah and Rudy mumbles about them finding their true dharma, and everybody's getting ready to go while Evan watches, and there's some racist talk, but it's just kind of comforting.

The Bravo trucks come through a weird contingent of screaming dudes that I'm not sure about -- "Here comes the Marines, motherfuckers, look out!" -- and Trombley bitches about the POGs (pronounced so as to rhyme with the phrase, "Shane MacGowan's colossally fucked-up teeth," with a facial expression to match) so then Evan finally asks what POGs are: "Persons Other than Grunts. Rear echelon guys... Pussies." He's 19, folks. Nate radios his platoon that they're finally departing "friendly lines" and puts them on condition one.

Charlie Company radios in a report that only comes through about halfway; they're taking arms fire at something something east. Alpha Company is also in the mix. And what's Bravo doing? Rolling slowly toward the city. They finally get to the wreckage of the Army supply company that got destroyed, and the devastation is pretty intense: lots of blood and exploded American-looking things. Encino Man radios Godfather to ask if he wants Bravo to come help Alpha, but Godfather tells them to stay back from the river and "take an overwatch position." Bravo Company will basically be standing around, unless there are casevacs, and then they'll provide cover, I think, is the plan.

Brad watches Patterson through binoculars as Alpha engages the enemy, then watches the city explosions and artillery fire. It's like a storm moving toward you: getting closer, and closer, and then boom: it becomes real. There's a very subtle theme throughout this episode having to do with eyesight, with scopes and looking at the same things in the same way in the same light or through the same technology, how your circumstances can completely change what you see and how you see it. Like, we at home have the luxury of watching this show, or not, and have completely lost control over the images of the war itself because the fourth estate has been so compromised by the culture of fear that serves this war, so we don't really have the option of choosing what we see and what we don't -- to the degree that these guys do -- because there's nothing for us to see. At least in Viet Nam they showed the bodies on TV. Anyway. Ray whines about Alpha getting some, but Brad's still being Iceman: "They have their mission, we have ours."

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Generation Kill




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