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This show makes the week go by very quickly. It feels like I'm always reviewing this show. Get ready for a Very Special Episode. I swear, this series has more "Life-Changing" episodes than ER. Previously on Get Real: Meghan loves her best friend's boyfriend. He loves her, too. Mary is pregnant. She cancelled out on MC Lyte (so we can see that scene where MC Lyte is all pissed off one more time).

We're starting this episode in media res so I can have even more things to complain about. We pan around Green Manor on the Mitch Cam. Mitch is looking for Kenny and cannot find him. We see all the rooms in the house, and Cameron walks into the World's Largest Kitchen and says he cannot find Kenny at the School Without Classes. Cameron is wearing a shirt that says, "Think." Okay, everyone have a good giggle, and then we'll move on. Mary is really worried and says that she'd never seen Kenny this upset before. Elizabeth walks in and says she called Victor (who? Oh, yeah) and he didn't know where Kenny was but that he was talking about going to visit Rebecca in San Francisco. "Apparently her family moved there." Yeah, "apparently." Elizabeth says this is all her fault. Mary wants to call the police. Mitch says that Kenny hasn't been missing long enough. He tells Cameron to search Kenny's room and see if he took anything that would be suitable for a long trip. Jeez, I hope he didn't just go to the store. Mitch says he's going to go drive around looking for him. Mary asks to come, but Mitch says that Mary needs to "take it easy." "Take it easy? How can I take it easy?" Mary's neck cords demand. "My son is missing." Mitch tells Mary to stay home and wait for him to call. Meghan is apparently out searching for other boyfriends to snatch. Mary exhales.

Fade to Kenny walking down a crowded street. Music continues to play in the background. Kenny walks up to a church and enters the building. He walks down the empty aisle to stare at the altar. It is covered with lit candles. The entire church is lit, but no one is around. Kenny enters a confessional and asks if anyone is there. A priest freaks me out by opening the curtain and announcing his presence. Kenny says he's not really sure how to do this. The priest asks Kenny if he's Catholic. Kenny attempts some sort of joke by saying that his mother is Catholic, his father is Jewish, and he's confused. He's a teepee, he's a wigwam. The priest asks Kenny what is troubling him. Kenny says he killed someone. The priest appears to reel back a bit as we fade to white and the opening credits.

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