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Anatomy Of A Rumor

Previously on Get Real: Meghan got her navel pierced. Kenny was in love with Rebecca. Meghan didn't want to be Mary's "Mini-Me." Mitch lost his partner and was an asshole to his wife. Rebecca kept trying to get Kenny. Meghan dropped a bomb -- she's not going to college. Oh yeah, and say it with me: "Mary was pregnant with Meghan when she was her age."

We begin in the World's Largest Kitchen, where Meghan is applying some nasty Hot Fuchsia lipstick while looking into the toaster. Elizabeth looks on approvingly. Mary is on the phone ordering food for the meat-packers' convention. Mitch is on the ground, laying ant traps. Meghan helps us make sense of all this with her voice-over: "Dad's been a wreck. His best friend died, his business partner dumped him, and --" "When he's not playing Mr. Fix-It, he's a couch potato," Cameron finishes. "Totally zoned." He looks at us. "We've bonded," he says through a mouthful of food. I think the reason they use so many voice-overs in the show is because they constantly talk while they are eating. Never mind, Cameron is just so cute, you know? I know that when he looks into the camera to talk to us, he's really just talking to me. Just me. We are planning our children. The following dialogue comes straight from Ms. Modern Woman:

Elizabeth: Daring shade of lipstick.
Meghan: Oh, you wanna borrow it for your date with Dr. Wonderful?
Elizabeth: Thanks. But I think I'll stick with Little-Old-Lady Red.

Kenny enters and asks for a ride from Cameron. Cam blows him off. Kenny trips over Mitch on the ground and tells us that he's tired of his dad being around the house so much. Kenny is the only family member with a Canadian accent. Elizabeth sprints over to Mary, grabs her arm and whispers in her ear, "Talk to him." Mary and Mitch are alone in the kitchen.

It's time for the Get Real Script Quiz. How does Mary approach this long-overdue conversation with her husband?

(a) "Honey, I know times are hard, but I have a job that pays well, so everything is going to be okay."
(b) "Hey, this house is really big. Sure is expensive. Feel like making a paycheck?"
(c) "Mitch, honey, you haven't been to work all week. You wanna talk about this?"

If you picked (c) you've been paying attention. A Get Real woman must never be confrontational. Mary tells Mitch that when her father died she threw herself into her work and stayed busy to keep her from thinking bad things. Mitch says he's trying to keep them from having ants. Mary puts her hand on his knee and looks away as if to say, "Well, I've tried everything."

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