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Anatomy Of A Rumor

Mary interrupts Mitch at work and takes him away to the building, which is rainy, dripping and filled with candles that don't burn out in the flooding. She realizes that she's a woman and a wife, and it's her duty to do whatever her husband wants and she'll do anything to make him like her.

Elizabeth gets ready for her date. She realizes that he's a woman without a husband, and therefore must sacrifice everything to get a man at any cost. She takes off her wedding ring and leaves it on the dresser.

Kenny is watching Rebecca give her ring fellatio. Because of the close-up on her tongue, we must watch it too. Kenny gets too aroused and realizes he must jump her now. He follows her around the library shelves and announces through some books, "I can't wait any longer, I just have to kiss you!" A boy leans down, "Meet me in the bathroom." Ba-dum-dum! "Hello, sailor!" Rebecca is behind Kenny. He tells her he wants to kiss her. She says, "So what's stopping you?" They closed-mouth kiss and Kenny makes a face like he's kissing a mule's ass. "Wow!" they both say afterward. "That took you long enough," she says. "Hey," she continues, "my parents are vacating next weekend. Do you maybe want to come over and..." She leans in and whispers, "Do it?" They kiss again. Cameron, who is often found in the library studying, throws a book in the air in celebration. "I am the man!" Kenny shouts to the library as we cue the five-note Get Real jingle. Helmeted Cameron and Kenny make up. They dap. Cam offers Kenny a ride. "That could achieve coolness," Kenny mangles the English language to say. "Yo, Green!" some nameless, faceless voice shouts. Kenny and Cam both turn to look. They look back at each other. "I think we just had a Mentos moment," Cam says, which leaves me confused since there was no problem solved and neither of them seem to be a "Freshmaker." Kenny says he had a good day and the episode fades to white.

Tune in next week to see if Elizabeth will compromise all of her morals and schedule a pap smear so that Doctor Feelgood will get some, and if Kenny will actually do it with the much-too-fast Rebecca. That is, if FOX decides to air the seventeen shows they picked up for the season.

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