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Anatomy Of A Rumor

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Anatomy Of A Rumor

Mary gets a phone call for Mitch. She finds him asleep on the couch. She holds the phone by her thigh so the caller can't hear her ask Mitch if he wants to take the call. Mitch takes it and we hear a beep as if she took it off "mute" somehow. Mitch and Mary both scratch their heads at the same time to show their frustration. Mary exhales. Mitch talks grown-up work talk that we aren't supposed to understand. Meanwhile in the feminist plot, Elizabeth is on a lunch date with the doctor. He's literally talking about bedside manner and how people are afraid of doctors, but she's not listening. She think-talks to us. She's fallen for him, but she doesn't want to. He asks if he's boring her. She says no. The waiter comes by. "Dessert," he says. "I'm the only African-American man ever allowed on Get Real. How may I serve you?" He asks if the wife or the husband would like anything and Elizabeth snips that they aren't married. She sits with her chin in her hands so the light hits her diamond ring just right and we are all BLINDED BY THE POINT. The waiter walks off to collect his AFTRA wages. She says something about people that age not being used to people their age dating. He says maybe it's because she's wearing her ring. He looks at the dessert menu and actually says, "Soufflé or not soufflé. That is the question."

Cameron has a dream montage where he takes the skateboard out of Dr. Sedgwick's office. She gives him the board in real life and tells him to use his powers "for good, not evil."

The doctor looks forlorn. He gets a page and says he has to go. Elizabeth leans in for a kiss and he pecks her on the forehead. Doh!

Back in the school hallway -- and I guess it's the next day, since we went through detention, but I really can't tell -- Kenny tells Cameron he needs to start a skateboarding club at school. Cam says clubs are "wuss-heavy." "It's your only shot," Kenny says. Cameron exhales. "Download." This is not a teen catch-phrase! Okay, got that out of my system. Moving on. Kenny goes on about other ways to beat the system by using the system. He tells him to get a petition. Cameron asks if they can all be girls. Kenny says that's fine and congratulates himself on choosing the right person on helping him get Rebecca. The last thing they'll need is the approval of the student council. Kenny then asks for advice on Rebecca. "How far have you gotten?" "Virtual or actual?" Kenny actually asks. "Actual." "We have lunch a lot." Cameron tells Kenny to lay low and ignore her. Become a "mystery man." He tells him to not be Kenny, but more like Cameron, and since they are brothers, it might work. "Brothers," Kenny says, "I hadn't thought of that." Cameron gives him a look like, "That's because I'm a skater blonde from California, and you are a pasty geek with a Canadian accent." Some girl asks Meghan if her boobs hurt. Meghan rolls her eyes and says she's not pregnant. She goes home and flops on her bed and Kenny walks in and asks, "You're pregnant?"

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