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Anatomy Of A Rumor

Real Pregnant Meghan and Non-Pregnant Meghan confront in the school hallway. Non-Pregnant Meghan wants Pregnant Meghan to come clean and tell everyone she's pregnant. She says she can't. She's not like Non Pregnant Meghan. "You're popular," she says, to the surprise of everyone. Meghan Green is the first popular person to never have a single friend. Non-Pregnant Meghan tucks her hair behind her ear to show she's pissed. She does an eye roll for good measure and then has the audacity to say, "Um, okay, wait a minute, just, just, so I'm getting this right. I'm supposed to keep your secret and suffer all this crap just because I'm popular?" "YES!" I scream at the screen, "Yes, you heartless bitch!" Non-Pregnant Meghan keeps her long sleeves in the palms of her hands in that 1996 Popular Teen way. Pregnant Meghan exhales, exhales, exhales and tells her to forget it. One day she'll laugh about it while Pregnant Meghan has a kid. Mitch is forlorn and stares at his building from his car. He's stopping traffic, but no one seems to mind, as the Center of the Universe has other things on his mind besides driving. He goes home and draws sketches of the building. Sketch. Sketch. Mitch must sketch. Coffee shop. Restaurant. Sketch. Sketch. Exhale.

Cut to Cameron exhaling. Kenny gives him the speech. Cam tells Kenny to show how smart he is to Rebecca. He says girls like extremes and if he shows her he's the smartest and she starts thinking about "this organ," she'll start getting curious about "the important one."

Rebecca is playing her cello on a fully lit stage wearing the same dress. She says hi to Kenny and asks if he wants to watch her practice. He starts covering her in cello speak as she corrects his pronunciations every once in a while. She says he's adorable and he freaks out about being compared to a "neutered puppy." Rebecca begins playing the cello number from episode two that uses a drum machine and two other cellos. I guess the techie running the stage lights in the empty auditorium is also on sound.

Mary finds a crumpled sketch on the living room floor. Cut to Meghan (not at school) sitting in her enormous bay window. Elizabeth comes in to discuss the doctor cancelling their dinner date. Elizabeth says he's pulling away from her. Meghan rolls her eyes and says, "Can I just be a guy for this and say, um, your ring. It's like, a total stop sign." As Meghan speaks her face starts to look all android-like and for a second she looks just like Lara Croft. Elizabeth says she's worn that ring for forty years and she isn't going to take it off for some guy. Meghan's like, "Your loss, Gramma." She tells her to stop thinking of herself as a widow and starting thinking of herself as a single woman. She picks up something big and green and holds it by her head.

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