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Anatomy Of A Rumor

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Anatomy Of A Rumor

Pamie: Is that?
Eric: What is...?
Pamie: A cucumber?
Eric: A dildo?

The green thing comes into frame as Meghan hands it to Elizabeth. It's a phone.

Pamie and Eric: Oh.

Elizabeth exhales, exhales, exhales.

I'll spare you the next part -- here's the summary: the student council is made up of people Cameron dumped. He starts the speech but they don't care. In true Footloose style he throws the cards aside and says, "I just want to skate!" Those quotes are there because he really did say that line. He asks the ballerina how she'd feel if someone told her she couldn't dance. What if the archer was banned from...arching? I want to mention to Cameron that the ballerina and the archer never accidentally hit someone in the shin with their flying boards when they miss their landings. He leaves, and Kenny pats him on the back. The student council shoots Cameron down. He goes up to Dr. Sedgwick and congratulates her on her happy moment. Cam tries to drive away and won't let Kenny in his car. Kenny says it's not his fault Cam slept with half of the student council and he's pissed because Cam's bad advice made him make Rebecca think he's just a cute blob. Cam tells Kenny to forget about Rebecca and find someone his own type. Kenny freaks out. Cam tells Kenny she's out of his league and drives off, leaving Kenny standing in painted skid marks. Commercial.

Cam's stunt double does an ollie and Cam tries to make up with Kenny. Cam tries to make up with Dr. Sedgwick and she tells him that since he was so passionate in his speech that if he stays out of detention he can break district policy and skate. Since he's the only skater at this school, it seems to me this was a big brouhaha for nothing. They throw in words like "totally" and "way." Cam gets his board back. She gives him a "he's so cute" smile.

Meanwhile, Meghan's "friends" are asking her what she's going to name the baby and if Jodie talked her into getting an abortion. Pregnant Meghan interrupts (must be in the name) and tells them to shut up. She's the pregnant one. She walks out of the teacherless class. Non-Pregnant Meghan follows and asks, "You okay?" "I don't have a clue, Meghan," Pregnant Meghan says. "God, give me a break, okay?" Non-Pregnant Meghan eye-rolls her way into America's heart. She tells Pregnant Meghan she knows what she's going through. Pregnant Meghan tells her she's not pregnant so she has no friggin' clue. Non-Pregnant Meghan's hair is confused. Non-Pregnant Meghan gets upset when she's called popular and says of course she'd like to be Pregnant Meghan's friend and offers her the permission to know the most beautiful person in the world. The only person in the world. The Center of the Universe. What a beautiful person. Pregnant Meghan walks off, and we know we'll never see her again.

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