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Back at Go Ask Kenny, Victor and No-Neck finally decide to smoke the damn -- I mean darn -- joint. They smoke it in Kenny's garage. They don't actually smoke it on-screen, but they hold it like they mean it. Seconds later they sit in a smoky room on a couch saying things like "wow" and "dude" and "I just said 'wow.'" Yeah, I haven't been this amused with depictions of drug use since Reefer Madness.

We watch two grown men walk down the School Without Classes Staircase wearing letter jackets and beards. We hear them speak in a voice-over. "Hey, did you hear that Cameron Green is going to get the crap beat out of him by Trent Sykes tonight?" They laugh, and Meghan whips her head around to find out who dares speak on the Greens-Only Staircase and dares to talk out loud when a Green member is roaming the hallway. I thought no one knew Trent Sykes. Whatever. Meghan is walking through what appears to be a soccer field (with game in progress) demanding to know why Sideburns plans to fight her brother. "It's plain and simple. Your brother. He's doing all the aggressing." Meghan snorts and says, "Yeah, I don't know, Trent. My brother's a lot of things, but he's not very big on unprovoked fights." We just watched him have unprovoked fight after unprovoked fight last episode with Kenny, but whatever. Sideburns says that one day they just looked at each other wrong and since then Cam's had it out for him because he's dating Meghan. Meghan asks if this is a "little brother thing." Sideburns says it must be. He's wearing a jacket he borrowed from Beck. Meghan says that Cam said that Sideburns said that they had sex. Sideburns denies it, which is technically true. Sideburns says that that's the kind of thing a little brother would say when he doesn't like the boy his sister is seeing. No it isn't, but it kicks off the five-note Get Real jingle anyway as he grabs her and tries to "Get Real" with her. Unfortunately he sounds like Crispin Glover. "We have a connection here, okay? I know it and I know you know it. For the first time in my life I want to stay put. And I, I don't think that we should let a little thing like a little brother come between what we have." Man, do not tell the Center of the Universe what to do, buddy. There's lesson number one. Get a haircut. That's lesson number two. Get a stylist. Number three. Shut up. That's a bonus free lesson. Meghan interrupts me to brat out, "As much as it may not matter to you, I love my little brother, and if you fight then we don't have anything, do you understand that?" The Center of the Universe has spoken.

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Get Real




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