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Quick flash to inside the School Without Classes as Meghan and Cameron walk up the staircase. As they get to the top of the stairs we see a real party going on in Meghan and Clay's special spot with all sorts of people sitting around talking. I guess we weren't supposed to notice that. Cameron is telling Meghan that he doesn't approve of Sideburns. This doesn't seem to make Meghan happy. Cameron says that Trent Sykes is bad news because he already tried to pick a fight with him. Meghan says that's Cam's problem. "He squeezed your butt." "That's my problem. What else?" "He stole my skateboard...I think." Meghan acts shocked and says she'd better call the cops. It doesn't matter how much he steals, Nancy tells Oliver, she's going to stand by Sykes "As Long as He Needs Me." Cameron points out that Sideburns isn't even Meghan's "type" -- a word that makes me giggle, since Meghan has dated one boy from every stereotype this season. Her type, apparently, is "alive." Meghan says she's not going to take advice from Cam, who is -- get this -- "the King of Physical." Ooh. Burn. "I know about Clay -- about you and Clay," Cam shouts out in the middle of the school hallway.

The silent zombie students pay no mind, though, as Meghan walks back to Cam and asks, "And um, what, what the hell do you think you know?" Someone posts Cameron's reply down the hall to the left of Meghan, because he keeps reading his lines and then looking at her. Read line. Look at Meghan. Read. Meghan. "How you feel about him. And how you're trying to do the honorable thing and get past him. And I gotta say I respect you for that. All I'm saying is maybe, just maybe, you're hooking up with Trent as way of working Clay out of your system and maybe you're about to do something with Trent for all of the wrong reasons." Meghan: "And this is important to you because --?" Cameron: "Because you're right. I am the King of Physical. And maybe that makes me a hypocrite, but physical for physical's sake isn't who you are. You're gonna want more, you're gonna need more and you deserve more. And this Trent guy is just gonna flatten you. I don't wanna see that happen." Meghan: "You know what, Cam? Maybe if you had paid more attention to my life up to this point I might care about what you gotta say right now, but you don't get to stick your face in my business for the first time ever and expect me to believe that you suddenly care." Cam says, "I do care," and Meghan interrupts to brat, "You know, since there's so much scrutiny going on here right now, why don't you take a good, long, hard look at whatever your agenda is with Trent and leave me out of it." Meghan whips around to leave as Cameron and the anvil on my toe shout, "You're making a mistake!" "Again, my problem, not yours." Meghan's hair flounces off as Cameron puts one hand on his hip and shakes his head. Such problems. He's so upset that he has to lean his head back, shake his greasy head and then smack a wall as he walks off.

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