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Crime And Punishment

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Crime And Punishment

I don't choose the songs around here.

Meghan is walking down a hallway in the "Rave" as a Would-Be Rapist passes her and then turns around and asks what her name is. She says she's walking the other way. "No, you're not," he says, and starts approaching her. "Leave me alone!" Meghan shouts and groins him. Too Little Too Late Clay shows up and grabs her with a "Meghan, you okay?" Would-Be Rapist gets up and fronts Clay. Clay fronts back. Meghan says they need to just go. Clay pulls Meghan about three feet away, which is apparently enough for Would-Be Rapist to just give up and walk off. Would-Be Rapist is thirty years old. "Did he hurt you?" Clay asks. Jesus, this is like one of those fantasies I made up for myself in high school when I had a crush on some guy so I'd make him my hero of all my dangerous dark-alley daydreams. Meghan says that she'd just like to leave. He says they'll go right now. He tucks her hair back. They stare at each other for a while. Meghan leans in and they kiss. "Oh my God," Meghan says, but it gets cut off with Ferret walking in and shouting, "Meghan! Have you been here the whole time?" Meghan stammers something in return. "Look, this whole place is clearing out. It's getting crazy out there," Ferret says, which are two contradictory statements, but whatever. She offers to take Meghan home. Meghan says that Cameron is there somewhere for her and he'll take her. Clay says she should come with them but Meghan says she's fine. Clay and Ferret leave in slow motion as Meghan and Clay exchange A Look. Cameron comes screeching into the rave alley entrance and parks his car in front of the door. It doesn't appear as if everyone is leaving, and Clay seems to have his own personal parking space. The ridiculousness continues as Cameron enters the rave and starts yelling Meghan's name. All the party people are dancing to some song we can't hear and wearing dark shirts so we can't see them.

Cameron can't find Meghan because she's just walking down some bridge all by herself as Cameron continues searching inside the rave for her. Meghan does her little Ally McBeal walk and then Kenny's phone rings. Meghan tells him to not talk but to walk into Cameron's room and "wake his ass up" and tell him to go and get her. Kenny asks where she is. She says she's on the Sixth Street Bridge a couple of blocks from the party. Suddenly the streetlights go out above Meghan's head and we hear a siren. "Kenny, do you have the address?" she asks him. Kenny tells her not to worry and that he's "all over it." He goes into Cameron's room, but he's not there. Meghan is very worried on a bridge. Fade to white.

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