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Dear Get Real writers: Perhaps you need some help with synonyms for the word "Totally." This is the fifth time in this episode alone. And people don't say to each other, "I'm so totally sorry." They don't do that. Perhaps try the words "really" or "sincerely" or "honestly" or maybe don't say anything at all. Thanks. Love, pamie.

Meghan thanks Kenny for trying to save her by driving downtown. She promises that when the both of them aren't grounded anymore she'll take him out driving. Cameron enters to say that he went back for her last night. She thanks him and asks how Alicia is. He says that he's going to make himself stay away. The phone rings and Meghan says to let her machine pick it up. Just to set the record straight, this means that each and every one of them has their own phone line and Kenny has a cell phone. Perhaps getting one for Meghan and Cameron would be a good idea. Meghan's answering machine (not rich enough for Call Notes?) says, "When the beep beeps, leave a message." How friggin' perky. I'm getting drunk. It's Clay. He was calling to check on Meghan, blah, blah, blah, cheatingcakes. She hands the phone to Cameron and asks him to tell Clay that she's okay. Cameron speaks to Clay with a lot of "yo"s and "man"s, so you know they're cool. This kicks off the five-note Get Real jingle and Meghan says it's a long story. "Last time I checked, we had a lot of time on our hands," Cameron says, and they start giggling.

Pan in a circle around the dinner table. Everyone is eating and I wish they'd stop at a shot of Grandma taking a long drag off her cigarette, but they don't. Kenny interrupts to say that he just wants Mary to know that he's happy about the baby. Mary is glad to know. Mitch tells her to run the names by them. "What about the name Caitlyn?" Groans from the kids. "What about Callie?" "I know a pony named Callie," Meghan brats. "You know I don't think I know any Xenas," Kenny offers. "Well...except the one." Cameron asks how she knows it's going to be a girl. "Sometimes a mother knows." Meghan interrupts to say that she hopes it's a girl too. The whole family stops to stare at her and wonder how they can be so blessed as to have such a remarkable daughter, sister, playmate and friend. Pan back from the World's Largest Kitchen as the gospel singers overwhelm the table talk and the show finally ends.

Next week Mary gets in a car wreck. Every week it's something.

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