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Crime And Punishment

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Crime And Punishment

Mitch is having electrical problems with the Building of His Dreams. That has nothing to do with the episode, they just wanted a quick bit where Mitch fought off sparks and says, "Trust me, you need to send the electrician down again." Mary shows up and asks him to lunch. He just ate. He asks her what's wrong. The car? The kids? She's all exasperated and then asks him if he remembers the night driving home after the reunion. I totally called that. She says that she saw the doctor today. It starts to sink in to Mitch. "Oh. Wow. I mean, how?" "Do you want me to draw a picture?" Mitch says that they are usually so "careful." Mary says that they weren't a lot of things that night. He says they should tell the kids. She says she's been dreading that all week. He's all, "Well, I don't mean right now, take your time," blah-blah -- ZOINK! All week? He asks how she's known all week if she just saw the doctor today. She says she took a home test but she needed to confirm with the doctor since they aren't effective. Here we go, yo. Mitch says they are like 99% effective so why didn't she tell him sooner? She wants to know what difference it makes. He says she's had all week to get used to this and she's all, what do you have to get used to? And he's like, "well, if you're so well-adjusted," and she's all, "I'm not," and this makes the perfect cue for the Other Woman. Laura the Project Engineer walks in and asks the fighting couple if it's a bad time. Mary gives Mitch the "You cheatin' bastard" look as he stammers that everything is fine. How Mary just all of a sudden knows that because the gal is pretty that Mitch plans on cheating is beyond me. Laura says Mitch talks about Mary all of the time. Mary sort of stammers away as Mitch stammers a goodbye.

Kenny and Cameron help Mary unpack the groceries. Kenny asks why she bought "fake mashed potatoes." Elizabeth looks up at Mary with this knowing look. The Green family's powers of deduction are absolutely stunning. Meghan walks in with Slut-Girl, who she introduces as Jodie and says that they have this history project on the Persian Gulf Crisis and wants to stay over the next night at her house. Mary says, "Fine," but she's all looking around the house and sniffing. "Do you smell that?" she asks. "Uh...need a noun," Meghan brats. "Smoke. I smell smoke." I light a cigarette. Kenny looks at Slut-Girl accusingly. "What? I quit smoking when I was nine," she says. Oh, the fun! Elizabeth gives Slut-Girl the "Grandma doesn't trust you, kid" look and goes back to her paper. Mary goes back to her bloodhound work.

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