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Before we go into the "Rave," I just wanted to let you know that one of my friends played an extra for this shoot. She said that when they called the Extra phone line the message said that they were going to be shooting a "Rave" scene and that there would be a black light so all of the extras should wear dark clothing. "Whatever," she thought, and showed up in a dark top with little white speckles on it so it would catch the light. The guy in front of her in line showed up completely raved-out with glitter and glow sticks and all. The costume people said "No, no, no," and that it was all wrong and asked, "why are you all in light clothing?" They made her change into a black tank top and Rave Boy had to change his clothes as well. They started shooting and about forty-five minutes into the shot stopped and announced, "Well, the black light isn't picking up any of your clothing, so we are gonna stop to go and get new costumes for some of you." Three hours later they were re-outfitted in light clothes and got to shoot it again.

Note to Get Real: Do your damn homework.

Other interesting behind-the-scenes facts: When ECO (or Cameron) showed up for his scene, he was supposed to dance. Apparently they shot him dancing for about three minutes when he shouted, "Fuck this shit," and took off. "I don't want to look like an asshole. This shit is lame." My friend said that he was really rude to all of the extras as well.

Anyway, so here we are at the rave. We fade into a "DJ" mixing some records and enjoying his own beats. As we pan out there are extras all around the DJ table pumping their arms in the air as if to say, "Go, DJ! Go, DJ! Go! Go!" I know this is on purpose, as my friend had to be one of those poor extras. There's a black light and a strobe, so I can hardly see a thing in this shot. There is no smoke; no one is drinking anything. Nobody is smoking anything. In fact, the only dancing they are allowed to do is the back-and-forth-arms-in-the-air-sway where eventually someone is going to say, "Ho-oh! Ho! Ho! Ho-ho-ho!" and then scream. One girl wears a neon wig. She's the only girl I can really see. She's there so we can notice Cameron and Alicia next to her. Alicia is jumping on Cameron's arm shouting, "This is great! This is exactly what I needed!" And they can hear each other, so obviously the DJ isn't doing his job. Alicia and Cameron kiss. In the strobe-black light it appears that Alicia is wearing the jacket from Michael Jackson's Thriller. Cameron tells her to stay close so that nothing bad happens to her. She says that nothing is going to happen and that she's going to find a bathroom. She kisses him goodbye. The DJ appears to be putting together some sort of science project on his decks.

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