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Crime And Punishment

Back at the land of hard-to-see dancers, Cameron uses his Green Lo-Jack to zone in on Meghan and asks if Mary knows she's there. "She does by now," Meghan says. She tells Cameron that she doesn't know where Alicia is but that he has to get her out of there. Everyone is wearing dark clothing, so I can hardly see anything. Meghan says that Alicia is "really hammered." "No, I just saw her, she's fine." "I don't know, maybe someone put something in her drink," Meghan offers. Those "Raves" are dangerous, you know. Cameron gets all huffy and says he can't believe he trusted her. Meghan gets bumped from behind, Cameron gets bumped from behind and Cameron tells her to help him find Alicia and then they are "getting the hell out." Meghan doesn't have to go very far before she runs into Slut-Girl, who's about to blow the place with some guy she's run into. Good for the rumor mill, Jodster. Meghan says she'll get a ride with her brother.

Mary gets a phone call. It's Laura. For some reason she doesn't want to talk to Mitch anymore now that she knows that Mary is home. Mitch walks in to hear her say, "Yeah, we do have a lot going on right now," and then she hangs up. "Was that the kids?" Mitch asks. Man, who wrote him this series of dumb questions? Mary says, "No, that was your project engineer." Bitch accent on "project engineer." Mary is livid that Mitch told Laura what's going on but she can't get him to sit down and talk to her for two minutes. When she says, "two minutes," she holds up her fingers in this peace sign and looks the other way and for a second it looks like she's in a Prince video. Mitch says it just came out. Yeah, I've heard that one, Mitchy. Mitch says it's easier to talk to Laura because she's not emotionally involved. Careful, Mitch. Don't do it. "You know, she can't get hurt by what I have to say, but you might." Dammit. He said the magic words. He kicked off that infernal five-note Get Real jingle. "Are you happy about this baby?" Mary asks. Mitch says there's no way he can answer that. Mary asks him to ask her. Five-note jingle. "Are you happy?" "Part of me is. And part of me isn't, and uh, I don't know what to do with that part." Five-note jingle. Vomit. Alcohol. Cigarettes. Not Mary, me.

Cameron carries the Drunk Druggy Date to his Jeep. He says he's going to go get Meghan, but as he puts Alicia in the Jeep he sees that she's unresponsive. He calls Alicia's name a few times and then gets worried. He turns towards the rave entrance, which looks like an alley by a garage and just starts shouting, "Meghan! Meghan!" as if she'd be able to hear him from inside. "Okay, I'll come back to get her," he says to no one, and gets in the Jeep.

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