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Cue the doorbell. Meghan jumps up to answer it and absolutely no one wonders why someone is coming over "at this hour on Christmas Eve!" Oh, that was my mother there. Any hour of Christmas Eve is "this hour." Of course it's Clay, and he says he knows she talked to Ferret. He said he couldn't break up with her on Christmas Eve, but he's going to because he's made up his mind and he knows what he wants. Meghan doesn't want him, though. She's been best friends with Ferret...for her whole life (that's Meghan's dramatic pause, not mine) and she doesn't want to lose her. Clay makes Ferret happy and she wants Ferret to be happy. She can't lose her friendship. So, she's setting Clay free. Strummy guitar as Clay insists that he'll break up with her, but Meghan tells him to stop talking. She tucks his medal (which is a poker chip on a string) inside his shirt and says, "Good luck, Clay." Clay looks devastated as Meghan shuts the door in his face. She walks over to the family and asks if the little girl believes in Santa Claus yet. "Little early to tell," Tony sopranos, and Meghan looks at the screen and sees the ultrasound video. The entire family watches the youngest Green member kick and move around. Group hug as the gospel singers kick in. "One Big Family!" they sing. "Merry Christmas," Mini-Meghan whispers as the episode comes to a close.

No Get Real for three weeks, but when it comes back Meghan's thinking about losing her virginity to the next guy she meets. Mary tells her that you never get a second chance at your virginity. My phone rings. It's Trejo. "You do get a second chance. They told me that all the time at my Catholic High School. They gave you a Second Sex Virginity and a Second Smoking Virginity and a Second Drinking Virginity, so you know, that's wrong." "Trejo, did you just watch the entire episode?" "What? No! NO! I was just...I...flipping, mostly. Flipped around and stuff. Just wanted to see if it was over so I could call you back and stuff, you know? With the flip."

See you next year.

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