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Mitch and Laura the Pretty Project Engineer are talking building talk as they pack up their things. Mitch makes a joke about not seeing her until "next year." He offers a handshake for Merry Christmas. Laura asks if they are doing anything special for Christmas. He says that they're pretty traditional -- just presents, cider, and Miracle on 34th Street "until the coma kicks in." Laura "just remembers" that she's got a gift for him. She turns to the right and picks up the giant bag that was at her feet. I guess the two of them never bothered to look down? She pulls it out of the bag. It's a suitcase-shaped gift wrapped with a bow. Mitch says she didn't have to and that he didn't get her anything because he didn't know they were exchanging gifts. She says that it's fine and that she didn't give him any warning. Mitch puts the suitcase-shaped gift down on the table like it's a suitcase that he's about to open and opens up the suitcase. Somehow, he's still surprised. She turns it over so that he can see it's engraved with his initials "MLG." He's all "Oh, my God" and stuff and says that he can't accept it. She's like, "No, it's no big deal." Of course it's yours, Mitch, it's engraved. It's not like she can give it back. Unless Mary's middle name is "Lynn," you're keeping it, buddy. He says that he's usually a good gift giver and she says that next year she'll find out first-hand. He says that he really shouldn't, so of course she insists. And...scene.

Kenny is covering a tree trunk with some fake snow. A big ol' Good Ol' Boy walks over to Kenny and stands in his light. "Who here can sell me a tree?" he asks with a huge "Texas" accent. Kenny stammers that it's his first day and that he can find someone, but Good Ol' Boy interrupts to say that he hasn't got all day. Kenny asks what he'd like. GOB says he "could [big ol' sic] care less." He points at some scrawny tree and asks for that one. Kenny turns back around and notices GOB's huge belt buckle. It says, of course, "Texas," and I think that's the closest to a shout-out that I'm ever going to see here at Mighty Big TV. Kenny knows he can outsmart this big ol' hick, so he whines that he guesses he could sell GOB that tree. "Somin' wrong wid da tree?" Yee-haw! Kenny says that the tree is a bit small and you know that people would judge him with a tree that small. He asks GOB what such a small tree suggests about the owner. "I guess I'd think the guy didn't make much munney." He's wearing a bolo. Kenny says that it's unfortunate, but the truth is that people judge people by the size of their tree. Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. It's not the size of the tree, it's where you hang the ornaments that counts. But of course this GOB is gonna be side-swaggled by this young hustler and asks Kenny to show him the big trees. After loading a Redwood onto the top of this man's SUV, he offers cleaning and removal services for a small price more. "Don't get greedy, son," GOB drawls and then high-tails it into the sunset. Kenny squeals (really, he squeals) that he just sold two hundred and eighty dollars worth of "stuff." "Not even," Cam says as he and the Christmas Tree Boss walk over. Kenny and Cam have to wear these silly Elf hats, but CTB doesn't have to. Another car pulls up and Cam offers to get this one, but CTB says to give his one to Kenny, because, "he's on a roll." I guess one sale is a "roll."

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