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Performance Anxiety

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Performance Anxiety

It's the reunion. A giant banner reads "Class of '79." Okay, Get Real fan, let's do a little math, shall we? We know the following facts:

  1. Mary was pregnant with Meghan when she was her age. (episodes 1 through 5)
  2. Because of this, Mary had Meghan and married Mitch right when they got out of high school.
  3. Meghan is seventeen. (episodes 1 through 3)
  4. If Mary was pregnant at seventeen, that would mean that she had to have the baby in the fall of '79.
  5. If Meghan was born in the fall of '79 it would make her twenty years old.
  6. If Mary had Meghan seventeen years ago, she would have had Meghan in 1982, three years after graduation.
  7. If Mary had Meghan in 1982, she would have been at least, the very least, twenty-one.
  8. If this is the case I can't believe we've been reminded over and over again about Mary being pregnant with Meghan when she was her age.
  9. This show will be canceled by the spring of 2000.

Mitch and Mary walk in and Mary talks about the good party planning that went into the reunion. Mitch takes the pacifier out of his mouth to say, "I'm guessing you're going to want to save the first dance for Jacob." "Don't start, Mitch." Exhale. "Whatever." Exhale. "Later." They go in two different directions.

Kenny is now on his way to Rebecca's. "Boogie Oogie Oggie" plays in the background. He walks up to the "Door of Manhood" and rings the doorbell. Rebecca is wearing a blue tube top and invites him in. He whimpers and shuts the door. Fade to white to commercial.

Mary is hobnobbing with people while Blondie plays in the background. Her friend is on her third marriage. Mitch's friend got divorced after he came out and he found a partner. Mitch asks where the lucky guy is. "I dumped the ungrateful slut," he laughs. Both friends ask Mitch and Mary how they are still married. "They say the key to a good marriage is good communication," Mary stumbles. "What makes any marriage work?" Mitch asks. "It's, um," "We communicate, and all that," Mary lies. "It's about trust," Mitch pretends to be a different person.

Cameron is standing above the pool in his wetsuit cut-offs. He is taking a special after-hours class, which I can only assume is at about nine at night, since the reunion is going on at the same time. His instructor gives him a mask with a microphone and a speaker. Cameron is nervous and tells him he can do it. Cameron is waiting until he's ready.

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