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Performance Anxiety

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Performance Anxiety

Elizabeth is still waiting in the doctor's office. He asks if she's got Rent tickets now. She tells him she told Cameron if he really wants something he's got to go out and get it, so she's there so she's not "branded a hypocrite." She decides to tell him the truth. She's afraid sex will end their relationship. She hasn't had sex in eight years. Even though her husband died a year and a half ago, after forty-five years of marriage...sometimes the sex dies in the good relationships, too. "In the end we were friends. Just friends." The doctor asks what that has to do with him. She says she never thought she'd be facing these things again. She tries to tell the doctor how she likes being with him and going places with him, but she's having to struggle over the five-note Get Real jingle that is imposing on the scene. He tells her that they are fine. She exhales.

Mitch walks up to Mary at the reunion and tells her he's ready to leave whenever she is. She says they've only been there an hour. She tells him to stop sulking. She was looking forward to this night and instead, she says, "You have succeeded in making me feel like hell." Her neck cords pop out and slap him in the face. "Thanks," she says through a strained smile and she walks off.

Meanwhile, Kenny is giving Rebecca the cornerstone of any Fourteen-Year-Old Foreplay: the backrub. He asks her to name one thing she likes about him. She comments that he's turning the game around as she turns to face him. "Um," she thinks. "You're nice." Yeah. Great. Thanks. "And," she says while grabbing his hand, "you're just...totally..." she places his hand on her left breast, "Kenny." Oooookay. Kenny executes perfectly that fourteen-year-old touching a first boob exhale that comes out in little shivers like it's fifteen degrees outside. The five-note Get Real jingle quiets long enough for Kenny to put his hand over Rebecca's eyes and ask, "What color are my eyes?" She asks if he's serious. He says, "Yeah." "Brown," she says, in a way that says, "Uh, what does this have to do with my boob?" "Yours are hazel with little yellow flecks, but they look totally green when you wear that aqua sweater with that hole in the left shoulder." Rebecca looks at him like "Earth to Old Navy, I'm still not naked," as he continues. "And um, mine are blue." He takes his hand off her and looks down. She exhales. He exhales.

Meanwhile at the Late-Night Cool Teacher Party, everyone is sitting on a couch playing a game where Dan is giving clues about famous people and they have to guess who it is. There are no visible teams. "Nine Inch Nails guy." "Uh, Trent Reznor!" Julia walks over to Meghan at the other end of the room and asks if she's okay. "Yeah," Meghan says. "It's just guy troubles." "Uh...Howard Stern's producer," Dan continues. I wonder what game would have Trent Reznor and Gary Dell'Abate on it. "Bababooey!" the girl in the front shouts. "No, I need his real name." They are stumped. "You guys used to be close, huh?" Julia asks Meghan. Meghan asks how she knew. "A good teacher pays attention to her students. So does a friend." She tells Meghan she's beautiful and Meghan rolls her eyes and exhales. Dan asks one of the players who founded Microsoft and she says "Gates! Bob Gates!" and he says "Yes." Julia goes on about Meghan's qualities and tells her it's Dan's loss. "Last name rhymes with a coffee drink." "Gary Latte!" "Dell'Abate! Gary Dell'Abate!" Julia shouts to the players. "Amateurs," she says to Meghan. "Come on, let's go kick some ass in this game." Meghan smiles as Julia makes it into the Cool TV Teacher Hall of Fame, moving Mr. Cooper and Mr. Kotter over a notch.

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