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Performance Anxiety

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Performance Anxiety

Mary is at the reunion. She looks around and Mitch walks in. His voice is softer. He tells her that he's been a jerk. "I just poured Jacob Perryhill into a taxi and I experienced what they call a 'moment of clarity.'" He exhales. She exhales. He figures out that when she and Jacob -- "Try 'did it,'" Mary offers -- that they were just kids and they were all kids and those kids don't exist anymore. He was jealous over exhale. Exhale. He looks around and sees everyone split up and alone and through it all, in spite of it all, Mary has been there for him. Christopher Cross hits a high note as Mary tears up, tells Mitch that being so jealous is a turn-on and starts to walk him to the door. "Well, now, see, here you're reinforcing my despicable behavior," Mitch says as he puts his arm around her. She just giggles. Oh, Mitch, you knew she'd do that. You got her played like a deck of cards. Go, enabler, go.

Cue a Dido song. Mitch and Mary are driving home as Mary is suddenly drunk and asking Mitch who his first was. He tells her it was her. She's the only person he's ever slept with. "You were super-jock-love-god," she says to our amazement. This gets her all hot and bothered, and she slurs for him to pull over. He does.

Meghan leaves the party and says goodnight to Dan as he gets in his car and to Julia on the doorstep. She drives by the "If the Lexus is Rockin', Don't Come Knockin'" and realizes that she's forgotten to give Julia the Ethiopian cross. She turns around and once again passes coitus maritus. She drives her Jeep Cherokee back to Julia's.

Elizabeth is in a dimly lit room with the Doctor. They kiss and he begins to unbutton her shirt.

Kenny and Rebecca walk out of her front door as Officer Baddad steps out of his car onto the driveway. He looks taken aback. Kenny gives the officer a look that could kill and leans down and gives Rebecca a soul kiss.

Mary and Mitch are having it hot and heavy.

Kenny breaks his kiss with Rebecca and says, "That'll get his attention." He gives the officer a raised eyebrow and walks right past him. Rebecca curls around the post in front of her house and lowers her head in her best "Lolita is Caught" pose.

Dido continues as Meghan walks up the stairs to Julia's house. She tucks her hair back to show she's excited to speak to Julia. "Are you still up?" she asks. "Who is it?" Julia shouts, and we see through the door window Julia buttoning her blouse. Meghan prattles about how she forgot to give Julia something, but then she looks through the window and sees a pair of men's shoes by Julia's bed. Julia shuts the bedroom door. She looks to the left and sees Dan with his shoes off. "Oh, my God," she thinks. In a very strange shot Dan is sitting on the chair looking guilty and staring at Meghan through the door as Julia leans against the closed door of her bedroom looking guilty as she pulls back her hair with one hand and fastens her blouse with another. Meghan looks through the window at the two of them for a second. She turns around and drops the cross which shatters on the pavement.

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