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Previously on Get Real: Dan did some of Meghan's hair tucking. Then he ended up screwing her Lit teacher. Rebecca didn't have time to wonder whether Kenny liked her, even if they weren't having sex.

Fade up to nature scenes. Animals are chasing one another as we hear a National Geographic/When Animals Attack voice-over about "predators" and "prey." We watch animal after animal chase around the jungle. "Hey! I'm just a stupid television watcher! Did I turn on the wrong channel?" Don't worry, Kenny sets us straight: "Don't freak," he says in a voice-over, "this isn't one of those FOX 'When Animals Trip Out' specials" (Canadian voice on "out"). Whew. The channel changes to a golf game and we pan out to Kenny in his bed. He tells us that he's cutting school for the first time ever. He's risking his "Cal Ripken attendance record" to hang out with Rebecca. Mary has called the school to say Kenny has a fever. Ferris and Slone have plans to head to the beach. Now if it wasn't for that pesky Rooney....

Mary is preparing a huge breakfast for Kenny with waffles, Golden Grahams, fruit and juice. Mitch walks in and tells her she looks good enough to get them a couple of box seats. Mary is trying to get a job with a man who does charity work for the Dodgers. Mitch tells Mary to relax while he picks food off Kenny's tray and eats it. Mary's Lisa Stansfield curl won't relax. Her neck cords won't relax. Her exhales won't relax. He asks her to pick him up a foam finger. She tells him to give Kenny his cell phone number in case his fever gets worse and Mitch says it isn't necessary since he's going to be working from home for a while. I can't figure out how she would have forgotten that, but she tells him she thinks she's going to like him being around for a while. She exhales a few times while he tells her it could take a long time before he finds office space. She makes a joke about her going out to work while he's "Mr. Mom." "Lifelong dream of mine," he deadpans, because he can't remember which one is Cameron and which one is Meghan. Mitch offers to take the food up and Mary runs off to work. "What's up with the room service?" Meghan asks as she comes down the stairs. Mitch tells her Kenny isn't feeling well. "Oh, that's too bad," she says and we flash to a scene with Meghan holding a hair dryer up to the thermometer and Kenny smiling. "Hope I don't catch it," Meghan says innocently.

Mitch asks how Kenny's doing. "As good [sic] as can be expected," Kenny says, but he hasn't fixed his equalizer to play the snoring noise yet, so he's a little behind. Kenny coughs and sniffs and Mitch tells him if he needs anything he'll be downstairs setting up his office -- close up slow motion shot of Mitch's mouth as he says, "All day long." Kenny says maybe he should go to school so he doesn't end up behind all year. Testosterone Guitar music plays as Kenny runs out his front door and leaps over the car hood. It's not Yello's "Oh Yeah," but you get the point.

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