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Okay, this next scene took longer than it needed to, so here's the important part. Mary's neck cords ask the guy with the Dodgers (who still doesn't have a name) if she got the job because she was so good at the proposal. She gets so nervous that at one point her head starts twitching back and forth as her arms spasm up and I wonder if someone has oxygen on the set for her. He tells her to sit and says the decision is in his hands, but he's not sure if she can handle something so big. You know, like, big? He puts his wedding ring hand on her knee, brushes some hair off her forehead and tells her to meet him at the downtown Radisson ("Sponsored by Radisson. Radisson, where you can get your groove on with any married honey any day of the week.") in a couple of days and then he'll know if she's capable of doing the right thing. Because this is Get Real and because Mary is a spineless mousepad, instead of racking him right in the hoo-has, she just lowers her head and stares at him with her mouth open which conveys, instead of shock, down right horniness. Oh, and his name is Pete.

Cross-fade to Elizabeth just as I'm wishing there weren't so many damn people in this family. She's in the Good Doctor's office. He walks in and says that the nurse said it was an emergency and is she all right? "You tell me," Elizabeth says. "Is there a problem between us?" she asks with a happy-happy-la-la-la grin on her face. The doctor tells her that this woman that he's been in love with for a while is divorcing her husband and now he's going back to her. Elizabeth says "for the record" that she didn't ask for the relationship between them and that he came after her. Um, hi, Elizabeth? Yeah, uh, this is Pamie. I've been watching the show since the beginning, and...uh, well, he like, tried to dump you about three different times and then you took off that ring and then you took off your top and I don't think he was putting any roofies in your Metamucil. I'm just saying. For the record. "I hope she's worth what you've just thrown away," Elizabeth says as she leaves the Good Doctor's office.

The VP leaves a message on the machine asking Mitch or Mary to come down to her office tomorrow to discuss Meghan. Mitch gives Meghan a look as Meghan's hair looks down innocently as the Testosterone Guitar starts cranking up again.

Rain is falling as The Chosen One and Cameron come face-to-face in the parking lot as Tennisha goes on about "the prey surrenders" or something but I'm not listening because The Chosen One is opening her mouth so wide to kiss Cameron that her bottom lip is at the bottom of his chin. She closes her mouth and does it again. She's got him air-locked from nose to neck. Nasty.

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