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Kenny goes up to Rebecca's door. It's still raining. Rebecca opens the door. Her hair is dry. She says, "Hey." She pushes him out the door and asks, "What are you doing here?" Her hair is wet. They walk out into the rain as Kenny asks what's going on, why isn't she returning his calls? "I left, like, eighteen messages on your machine." "We don't have an answering machine," she says. Wah-wah-wah-waaaaaaah. Rebecca then says what I predicted aptly just four nights ago: she's moving. "You know, the whole military thing?" she reminds us. "When?" he asks. "Tomorrow." "Tomorrow?" She says she has to go pack. He asks her to wait. She turns around and says she's done this drill before. She's practically already gone so he should just get over it. She goes inside the house and leans against the door in tears.

Cue the musical rain montage. Kenny walks off with his cargo pants sagging with pocket puddles. Mary is in her car crying. Meghan is leaning against her giant bay window watching the rain. She's not crying, but, you know, she can't. She raises her hand to trace the fog on the window. What will she write? Will it be "Dan" with a heart around the letters? "I RuLe U?" "MeGhAn RoX!" No, not our intellectual. She writes, "TELL," as the song goes on about finding the words to say, and then she wipes it away with her hand. Meghan lowers her head to see if this is it, if this is the one scene where she can actually make real tears come out of her eyes. She's got her fingernails dug deeply into her palms. She's sitting on a tack. She's blinking. She's blinking. Will this be the scene? Nope. Fade to commercial.

Mitch is setting the kitchen table while strummy music goes on. Mary comes in and tells him she's had a rough day. Mitch tells her Meghan got in some sort of thing and he's going to take care of it at school tomorrow. They take the long way for Mary to tell Mitch that the guy came onto her. "Son of a bitch! I'll kill him!" Stock Response Writer 4.0 churns out for Mitch to say. "Mitch, don't go there," Mary replies, so something must be wrong with the program. She says she's going to handle it on her own. Fighting, fighting, fighting. Mary says she's going to go to drinks over there tomorrow to find out if the marriage is any good and then decide if she's going to say something. Mitch hugs her but doesn't mean it.

Kenny tells Victor he got dumped. "Dumped in the rain. Harsh," Victor says, pretending that wasn't a manipulated line from Say Anything.... Kenny whines that Rebecca couldn't even look him in the eyes. "If she did she would have seen that I was already missing her." Victor gives Kenny a look like, "Dude, when she was in the rain, did she get her boobs wet?" He mumbles about chicks being chicks.

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