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Back in the American Lick class, Julia is working at her desk as Meghan tromps in. "I want you to resign," Meghan says, and her hair is really serious this time. "Can we please call a truce?" Julia asks, and Meghan has this one piece of hair that's fallen in front of her ear now that Dan's not around to give her the "hair check." She's falling apart. Julia continues with, "I don't want to be your enemy and frankly, I don't have the time." Meghan's hair is tucked back behind her ear as she says, "I'm serious." Julia starts walking towards Meghan as she says, "Look. Hooking up with Dan was a mistake. You think I don't know that? I let myself get close to my students emotionally. This one time it got out of hand. You got hurt and I'm sorry, I never meant for that to happen." Meghan's hair is untucked as she says, "No, you know what? I'm not interested." Julia grabs Meghan by the snotty arm and pulls her around to say, "I am a great Lit teacher." Meghan's hair is tucked again as Julia says, "And believe me, there aren't too many of us out there, especially at public high schools." Um, okay. I guess all it takes is Tori Amos and Smashing Pumpkins and suddenly I'm supposed to be on the table screaming "O Captain, My Captain!" Meghan's hair is untucked again as Julia's mouth moves one way and the sound dub has her saying, "But you're not going to give up, are you?" Meghan's hair is tucked as Julia says, "You've declared war and you're going to win no matter who gets hurt." Meghan's hair is untucked as she says, "You can't dump this all on me, I am not the one who started this," as if that is one sentence. Meghan's hair darts back behind her ear as Julia says, "Fine. If you want me to resign, I'll resign. Will that make you happy? Will that make everything in your life better?" "No," Meghan interrupts as her hair gets untucked. "I didn't think so," Julia says, but her mouth is saying something different and Meghan's hair gets tucked again. Untucked hair says, "Quitting isn't enough." Julia looks at Meghan and sees her now tucked hair. Close-up on Meghan's face and her untucked hair as she says, "You have to tell them why." Julia looks at TuckedHair and says, "I do that and I'll never teach again." UnTuckedHair gives a smirk. "Yeah." Julia gives TH a gaping exhale. "Look, this has gone far enough, Meghan. It is not my fault that you and Dan didn't work out." But she looks up and she's talking to UTH Meghan who starts doing that thing with her mouth where her chin pulls down and her upper lip meets her nose and she's talking about how she's thought a lot about this and that Julia and Dan have nothing to do with her decision. Yeah, that's what we figured. Julia is now talking to TH Meghan as she says, "You sure?" UTH Meghan starts talking, but the sound doesn't come out right away, and then the sound changes so it's like she's talking directly into a microphone as she says, "I called Cindy Plonkitt in Austin --" and while she says this, she changes from TH to UTH back to TH with every frame. "She told me about Bobby Henson, and what the two of you did." As she speaks she hands the book to Julia, but at the end there's sound but Meghan's TH mouth isn't moving anymore. Julia is obviously amazed at Meghan's ventriloquism skills and her Medusa-like hair and she gives Meghan the guilty look. Meghan continues with UTH: "She couldn't remember, um, gah, if he was fourteen or fifteen at the time." They look at each other for a while as the sensitive oboe plays and Julia finally breaks the silence with, "Teaching is all I have, Meghan." "I know." "I deserve another chance, forget this, let it go." "I can't." "Why not?" "Because I have a fifteen-year-old brother," Meghan says with her nose turning red, but no tears really showing no matter how warbly she makes her voice. She runs out of the room. Julia makes her tears well just a bit to show off as we fade to black.

Cindy Plonkitt called me and was like, "I so told her not to tell anybody! That bitch!"

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