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Fade into more nature scenes with the announcer describing the male lion. "Virile. Proud." The lion's face morphs into Cameron in a tight close up. I scream. My cat jumps and attacks the screen. "But however noble, however beautiful this creature appears, one fact..." "cannot be ignored," Tennisha finishes before I get a chance to argue with the comparison of Cameron to a lion. Tennisha tries to get us to remember her from earlier episodes and how she was tight with Cameron. She almost says, "You know, in the pilot?" but instead they just show a montage of scenes from earlier episodes. You know, the first three? Out of the seven? They take the montage and give it this blue hue so it seems like we're seeing footage from years ago. Back in the land of Technicolor, Cameron walks by Tennisha holding his skateboard and not carrying a helmet. "Hey, Tennisha, what up?" he says. "Hey, Cam!" she preens, but he just walks on by. Tennisha turns to us and tells us that Cameron dumped her and didn't tell anyone -- including her.

Meanwhile in the Garden of Good and Plenty, Elizabeth "By the way my last name is" Parker is sitting on a bench drinking coffee wearing the Robe of Recent Sex. The Good Doctor comes out of the house pulling on a jacket. "Where are you off to?" Elizabeth asks. Flash to a monkey swinging on a branch. "Having mated," the FOX guy continues, "the satisfied male of the species moves off, back into the jungle." "I got a gallbladder at ten-thirty," he exhales. Sexy. Elizabeth asks if he has time for breakfast. He doesn't. Lunch? She gives him a "coffee, tea or me?" smile as he says they'll figure it out. He puts on his ultra-cool "They call me Dr. Cockrock" shades. "I gotta run," he says, while wiggling his fingers on both hands in front of his face, which makes me think that he's trying to say, "Don't wanna touch ya anymore. Bye!" "Didn't know I needed to make an appointment," Elizabeth says to no one, because no one listens to Elizabeth.

"I can't find any of my friends," the song sings out to me. We are swirling in a school hallway with only poor Meghan frozen in the middle. Don't worry, Meghan, you'll find one. You have a new best friend every week. Meghan is staring at Dan through a classroom window. People are moving quickly past Dan, too, but he's still. Meghan flashes back to the "hair check" again (which we flashed back to in the "previously" section as well) and I lose my pizza all over my floor. Meghan's hair is sad. Julia jerks her out of her daze and acts like she's just your average-not-screwing-any-minors Lit teacher. She asks Meghan if she's okay. "I'm sorta late," Meghan says as she turns. Julia stops her to give her a book. "Reviving Ophelia. One of my students back in Austin turned me on to it."

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