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Meghan is walking the Lonely Walk of Shame through some park-looking place as she reminisces that Julia told her that she had the gift of clarity. "Now the only thing that's clear is that I lost two friends in one day," Meghan voice-overs with a hair flip. "I did the right thing. I absolutely know that. So, when does it stop hurting?" Hey, Meghan, generally the pain stops about thirty minutes after the episode, but sometimes it can last the evening or so. I generally find getting sloppy drunk makes me forget about the bad writing and repetitive music. But that's just me. You should find your own way to deal.

I think the next scene is about Mitch and Mary but it's hard to see them behind the giant Mac monitor and G4 tower. Mitch is swiveling in his chair as he and Mary have some sort of sex-on-the-chair moment while saying that Susan will be okay. "It must be a guy thing," Mary sums up the swivel theory, but I don't get it.

Kenny runs past Cameron shooting hoops so that Cameron could finish the Comedy Rule of Threes and say, "I didn't know Kenny could run." Fwa-na-nah, fwa-na-nah! Kenny is running after the moving truck screaming, "Stop! Stop the truck! Rebecca! Stop! Stop the truck! Rebecca! Rebecca!" The truck of course, pulls away and doesn't run Kenny over, much to our disappointment. Not even a little nick. He looks up and Rebecca says, "Hey! Why would I be inside the moving van?" and I laugh my first-ever laugh while watching Get Real. Oh, Rebecca, we hardly knew ye. "I, uh, I couldn't tell ya," Kenny says while walking over to her. "I wanted to say goodbye to you." Rebecca says she did too but she's really bad at it. She tries not to get attached because she's always moving, but this time she did. Kenny says he knows that this is what goes on in her life and he'll probably never see her again. "I've never said this to any girl I wasn't related to. I love you." They kiss for a while. "You know it's never been easy to love somebody like me, don't leave," the song sings in the background. They break their kiss and Rebecca smiles and says, "I love you too, Kenny Green." She may not know his eye color, ladies and gentlemen, but she does know his full name and that's enough. They hug and Rebecca walks away, waves and gets in the car no matter how many times the song keeps singing, "Don't leave." Pan up on a very sad Kenny watching the car gets smaller and smaller as we fade to white and come to the end of the episode.

Well, Kenny never asked Rebecca where she was moving, but since he's got that iBook and they seem to constantly be chatting you'd think that he'll continue to talk to Rebecca and probably play a bit with some webcams and such, so I wouldn't worry too much. Plus, since the kids on the FOX Get Real forum are going nuts that Rebecca's gone, I'm sure that in two weeks she'll call and say, "I was just moving to the next subdivision, Kenny. Gah, I swear, you always blow everything into this big deal. You think I'd just pack up and go without giving you my new address? Get real." Oh, indeed, young Rebecca. You've touched all of our hearts, and made us all learn a little something about ourselves. At the end of the day, don't you think that every one of us should look deep within ourselves and just "get real?" Sometimes it's harder than it seems. Goodbye, Rebecca Peabody. We'll miss your pre-pubescent cleavage and your multi-colored bras. And goodbye to you too, Dr. Chris Carlisle. We never knew what you practiced, even though your methods were a little unethical, and we only really learned your full name this episode, but you taught us a valuable lesson as well. No matter how old they get, men can still be total and complete assholes. Thanks for making us see how no matter how much you compromise and sacrifice your ethics and pride you could still get dumped for the girl with the perfect blow job.

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