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From: Dan Royce
To: Meghan Green

we have to talk.

"We have to talk" blinks over and over as Meghan looks over at Dan. He blinks. She blinks and wipes her forehead with her hand. Oh, the pain of modern technology. Good thing she's Pretty in Tangerine.

Kenny is at the bus stop taking pictures of himself with a Polaroid Product Placement while waiting for Rebecca. He got there early so she would know how excited he was about this. He's happy they are doing this because now when they do have sex, she'll know that he's "totally serious about her." A bus drives by. No Rebecca. Another bus. Kenny has changed his position on the bench. Another bus. Kenny is lying on the bench. "The big blow-off," he says.

Mary is talking boring business talk with the guy who works for the Dodgers. He's looking at her portfolio and says that everything looks great. They keep talking business talk until Mary's neck cords accidentally pop open one of the buttons on her blouse. "Oh, quit the formalities and hire her already," a woman says. "Hey, you!" Mary shouts as she goes into the arms of another best friend. They tell each other they look gorgeous and the woman hugs the man and gives him a kiss so we know Dodgers Guy and New Best Friend are married. They make plans for drinks the next night and tell Mary they will most likely have something to celebrate. Mary gives a Skeletor smile as we hear, "The beautiful --" and I laugh. "The helpless..." the voice-over continues as we see another nature shot.

"The prey," Tennisha finishes as we fade in to a group of high-school girls standing around and smiling but not really talking about anything. Cameron does a circle on his skateboard (helmet on) as he watches them. Oh, I just want to mention that it was right here where the opening credits finally stopped rolling. That's over three scenes, people. Shots of Cameron scoping babes. Babes turn into shots of deer in the plains. Cameron. Babes. One babe stands tall. She is The Chosen One. A bell rings to signify that everyone must move around and talk somewhere else in the school for a while and The Chosen One leans down prop one leg up on the bench and adjust her strappy sandal because that's what pretty girls do. There's some babble to the effect that once the prey is separated from the group the hunt begins, as Cameron squats on his board to check out The Chosen One's butt, and then starts to skate over to her. Just as he reaches her, one of her friends walks over not really to talk to her, but to gesture like they are in the middle of a great conversation and Cameron just skates on by. We pan down to Tennisha who tells us that "the successful hunter is the patient hunter." She wears a vest like the Crocodile Hunter. I don't think that was on purpose.

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