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Elizabeth barges in and says that she found the Boston University Course Schedule on the table, and she's not getting her hopes up, but if there's something Meghan would like to talk to her about, she'd like to hear it. Kenny asks if he should leave. Meghan tells him that he should. Meghan explains that Clay is thinking about going to college. Elizabeth brushes Meghan's hair and asks how she feels about going all the way to Boston. "He got a scholarship, I'm happy for him," Meghan says for the first time. Meghan then says that she wasn't going to say anything, but that she's planning on going with him. Elizabeth takes a breath and asks why Meghan would go to the college capital of the world and not go to college. Meghan says that it's a chance for her to live in a different city and have a different life. Elizabeth asks Meghan how she plans on paying for this different life. Meghan says she'll get a job. Elizabeth asks how long they've been dating. "I don't know," Meghan says, because it gets confusing with all of the cheating and lies, "but we've known how we feel about each other for a really long time." Elizabeth marvels that Meghan is willing to completely change her life to follow a boy. She says that Clay is going to be busy with school and friends and his new life and Meghan is just going to end up watching it. The five-note jingle goes wild. Meghan says they'll figure something out. Elizabeth steps in with her purple cardigan and says that Meghan will have to figure something out because Clay's already figured out what he's going to do. She says that she was on Meghan's side when she was fighting with Mary about not going to college because she always knew that Meghan would make "smart choices." "I don't want to lose him," Meghan says, playing with her braid. Elizabeth laughs and pulls Meghan closer. I find that patronization is usually the best way to console the Center of the Universe II. She tells Meghan to figure out what she wants to do first before she makes a decision that could affect the rest of her life. Go! Go to Boston! Get out of here! Go!

Mitch and Mary are wrapping things up with the detective. Mary asks what CFB's last name was and if he had a family. The detective tells her that he's had a history of mental illness and had attempted to commit himself a couple of times. He said they had to turn him away. "Not enough beds. You know, same old story." I love it when Get Real gets all preachy.

Outside the detective's office Kate takes a post-homicide nap on a bench. Mary asks if she can talk to her. Mary asked why Kate didn't call. Kate says she was tired. Mary tells Kate how CFB had tried to commit himself. "So?" asks Kate. Mary says that means that he knew he needed help, he just couldn't get it. "What do you expect me to do with that news?" Kate asks. "I don't know," Mary says, knowing full well she needs Kate to confess guilt so the Green family can continue to be immortal creatures of the night. Mary says she thought Kate would like to know. "What? So I feel bad about myself? Because I don't, okay?" Mary stammers that the kid was troubled. Kate asks if she should have given the kid a hug. She goes on about how John Lennon was shot by Mark Chapman five hours after giving him an autograph. "The guy was a psycho. He deserved what he got. I don't need you to tell me he was troubled. I need you to say to me, 'Hey, Kate. Thanks for saving my life.'" Don't hold your breath. The five-note jingle takes us to commercial.

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