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Kenny says good morning to Mary but she starts laying into him about how he never cleans up anything around there. He asks how she's doing. She says she's fine. He asks about Kate. She says she hasn't heard from her and she doesn't know where she's staying. Kenny asks if there's anything else he can do. Mary says that everyone can clean up and stop cluttering the place. "Our clutter," Cameron says. "The woman has fifteen years of photos stacked in the kitchen." "Oh, shut up," Meghan brats, as if she's never said a harsh thing in her life. Mary is yelling at some publisher person on the phone who doesn't know where Kate is staying. She slams the (cordless) phone down and jostles her coffee. I don't see a spill, but she curses and starts cleaning. Mitch walks over and says that Mary needs to calm down and that if Kate wanted to see her she'd get in touch with her. He said that Kate made things pretty clear. "So, what? Are you suggesting that I never talk to her again?" Mitch says that she should give Kate a little room. Mary tells him to leave her alone. She says that Mitch wasn't there but Kate was and she needs to talk to her. Mitch says that the whole family (his stress, not mine) can see "how much pain" she's in and that they'd "like to help." The phone rings, and Mary finds out where Kate is staying. The Center of the Universe can control all personal assistants.

In the School Without Classes, Clay and Meghan meet up in an empty hallway, so we know the important relationship scene is about to happen. Clay says he's glad she came by because he was hoping for a little "inspiration." Meghan gives Clay the we-need-to-talk. "I've been thinking a lot about this, [-- you mean for the past twenty-four hours?--] about, um, moving to Boston, and part of me really, really wants to go with you, I mean to live in a new city, to be with you..." "But part of you doesn't." Cue the sappy piano. "This is your dream, Clay. And, it's great. But it isn't mine. I still have to figure out what mine is. I can't go to Boston with you." The lights go out in the school for some reason. "So, uh, where does that leave us?" "Same place we were before. You're here and I'm here. And for right now, I want to be with you." She kisses his forehead. "And later?" "Will be later. I just have to believe that things will work out." They hug in the dark.

Mitch pulls up to the Alternative School Without Classes and sees another police crime scene. He busts through again and asks for Cameron. "Don't know him," some guy says. Mitch finds Cam leaning against a pole. "You okay?" he asks. "Sure," Cam says nonchalantly. "What happened?" "I don't know, these guys were talking about killing somebody. I guess this school takes threats pretty seriously. They're the same guys that were in my face the first day." As the two "Beat It" boys get led away in cuffs Mitch looks ill. "You okay?" Cameron asks. He takes Cam away from the school. They get in the car and Mitch says that he's pulling Cam out of there and that he's going to home school Cameron himself "starting Monday." Oh, that'll get this kid to read. Hey, Mitch, you've got to take a test to home school your kid. It's not like you can just keep him at home. Cameron asks about the "valuable lesson" he was supposed to learn. Mitch says that after the whole shooting thing him and Mary would prefer Cameron was at a school where he felt safe. Cameron says he won't put up an argument. Cue the five-note jingle on Testosterone Guitar. "Sorry I wasn't listening," Mitch says. "I won't make that mistake again." Everybody learns something. "What about the school board?" Cam asks. "Screw 'em," Mitch says as he drives off. Ah, yes. Respect for the education system.

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