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Mary goes all busting in on Kate without calling or anything, just like a Green member does. Mary asks to talk. "I don't see the point in going over this again and again," Kate says. She asks if they can just agree to disagree. Mary says that she knows this must be hard for Kate but deep down she's got to agree that there was something tender inside this kid and not just some "rabid dog." "It is so like you to want to save the world," Kate says. It is? "The time to save that guy was long before he pointed a gun at us." Mary says that Kate did what she had to do, "but can't you at least acknowledge that what happened was a tragedy?" Kate says that Mary has no right to judge her. She doesn't know her or anything about what she's been through. Here, here. Mary asks for Kate to explain it to her. Kate asks why she keeps pushing this. Mary says she can't sleep at night and she's never had anyone die in her arms before and she doesn't want to be "alone in caring that a young boy lost his life." Kate says that she can't give Mary what she wants because the minute that CFB becomes a victim, she becomes "a murderer." They've got Debi Mazar in that Laura the Pretty Project Engineer light where you can't see her face. She tells Mary that she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Mary very reluctantly leaves, but not after looking back and almost saying something, sending guilt-darts into Kate.

Mary pulls into the garage and sees the trash can lid on the ground. She gets out to put it back (bitching and moaning) and sees Kate's books in the trash.

Kenny is running a pen over a notebook with highlighted lines, but he's having trouble getting the pen to write. I assume since he's never taken a class, he has no idea what he's doing. Mary walks in with the books and puts them back on his desk. Kenny tries to stammer an excuse but Mary sits down next to him and cues the five-note jingle. Kenny says he didn't want the books to remind her of what happened. She asked why he didn't come talk to her. "I didn't want to bother you," he says. This melts Mary's heart and she apologizes and makes him promise to keep the books. They hug. She tells him that she loves him. Meghan and Cameron walk in and say that they straightened up downstairs. Mary hugs them. "What was that for?" Cam asks. "Me," Mary says. "I needed a hug." Kenny sits back with a self-satisfied smirk and watches the harmony he created in his family.

At the World's Largest Dinner table, the spinny-cam circles as everyone compliments one another on a job well done on the dinner and the table setting and the cleaning and stuff. Mary tries to crack a joke: "I guess it takes some guy pulling out a gun for you guys to be nice to each other." Everyone is all, like ha ha, not. I can suggest that they also aren't nice to each other unless someone dies or someone is in a coma. Mary says that for the past couple of days, "I've been obsessing. And what I haven't been doing is thinking about how all of that might effect you." Elizabeth says she doesn't need to apologize. Mary says she does. "Look, after the shooting, I felt like there was this incredible sadness that was going completely unnoticed by everyone but me and I shut you guys out. I'm sorry." Mitch takes Mary's hand. "Mom? Is, is there anything we can do to help?" suck-ass Meghan asks. Mary cocks her head to the side and squinches up her face and says, "Just be patient," like she's searching for her Lucky Charms. "We can do patient," says Kenny, as the final notes start up for the show. Everyone smiles and laughs. Mary asks if Elizabeth still has that card.

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