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Mary is walking somewhere. Kenny, Cam and Meghan reminisce over the photographs as we watch Mary walk to the crisis center. I'll spare you the schmaltz. When do these kids go to school? Mary walks up the stairs of the crisis center and asks to see Jeanane. Jeanane tells Mary that she's found her. "Are you looking for counceling?" "No, actually I'm here to volunteer." Jeanane takes Mary out to the roof where she meets the other volunteers. As the gospel singers wail about "one big family," I can't help but wonder how this is all going to work with Meghan not going to college (and is she still valedictorian?), Mitch staying home to home school Cameron who's staying home, Elizabeth padding around in her purple clothing, and Mary volunteering instead of making the random party gigs. Poor Kenny is going to have a hard life raising all of these people. As the screen fades to white, my cat jumps onto my back and digs his claws into the lower part of my spine. As I jerk up in pain I catch the eyes of the dueling St. Clares. They burn fire-red. "We warned you. Stop torturing us," they wail like the twins from The Shining. I get down on my knees and pray that Get Real will be cancelled after this season so that my house can be clean of their evil wishes.

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Get Real




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