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As Cam and Mitch pull up to the gated school area Cam says, "No guard towers, that's a good sign." "Cam, this isn't my fault. Okay? You put yourself here." It goes against the Green code to accept any fault in any situation, you see. Mitch tells Cam that he'll pick him up at three. "Whatever," Cam says as he cues the Testosterone Guitar and storms out of the Saab like the poor white boy he is. You can't go to Alternative School in a Saab. He's so gonna get beat up. extras chosen for this shot. Each one of them wears an outfit that costs over a hundred dollars. One has at least fifty bucks worth of Bed Head. Two ski caps. One flannel shirt. One girl. The metal detector sets off on one kid, and they toss him into the fence and start patting him down. They pull something from his back pocket (a really good hiding space) that looks like a metal sex toy. I guess it's supposed to be a folded switchblade. But it's fabulous looking. The busted twenty-eight year old lets the guard push his shoulder back and forth as Cameron looks around suspiciously.

In the School Without Classes, Clay is making Mandatory Locker Check while Slutgirl and Meghan are in the Not-So-Secret-Lovers Hideout. Since Ferret apparently transferred, anyone can sit up there with Meghan now. Slutgirl is giving Meghan a blow-by-blow (huh-huh) on Clay trying to open his locker. She says that he doesn't look upset or bothered. She's holding a giant fuzzy purse, a leopard print mini-dress and fuck-me boots. Nope, this girl's image is squeaky clean. Slutgirl notices that Clay is having problems getting into his locker. He's trying to open the wrong one. "Yep, he's hurting," Slutgirl says. Meghan asks to be spared the details. Slutgirl sits down next to her. Meghan monotones, "You know I can't believe a college scholarship, which is supposed to be a good thing, is the reason that I lose him." Oh, wah. It's not like you've got plans for next year, girl. Remember how you were going to backpack across Europe with the boy you were in love with three boys ago? Slutgirl says that it's better that Meghan found out now: "I mean, you guys were doomed from the beginning." Meghan gives Slutgirl a really bitchy glare, but it's hard to notice with this giant purple spotty turtleneck she's wearing. I guess she was so upset about Clay's news that she had to go home and change. Slutgirl is lost in her own fashion faux pas, so she doesn't stop talking. She says that high school relationships always end because someone has to go away and someone stays home. "Hello? Depressing!" Meghan snots. "Hello? Reality?" Slutgirl retorts. "Well, obviously my first mistake was coming to you for sympathy," Meghan brats. Well, girl, I got to tell you, it's a better idea than coming to me. Or the rest of the world. Slutgirl says that Meghan has a couple of months, and that she should just have fun until graduation. Meghan says that "this isn't fun" for her. "Obviously," Slutgirl says. "I'm serious," Meghan interrupts, cueing more piano swirly music. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be moved. Badly. "I've never felt this way before. I feel like Clay and I were meant... to be together, I mean, my day doesn't start until I've talked to Clay or touched him. I, I... sometimes just knowing he's here in the same building makes me happy. How can I give this up?" She curls her lip quite a bit, but don't worry, no tears.

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