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Out back in the dark alley, where all the women go immediately after getting tripped out by an aggressive fan, Mary carries an Important Box to the trunk of her Explorer. As she starts loading the trunk Crazy Fan Boy asks if she's a friend of Kate's. She says she is. CFB asks if she'll apologize to Kate for him for asking too much from her. She says that she's sure Kate is fine with it, but she'll let her know. He asks if her and Kate are close. Mary brags that they are. She then puts out her hand and introduces herself. Nice job, Mar. CFB introduces himself back. He says that Kate is "great." "Yeah, she is," Mary smiles. "And talented and, and, um, and grateful to have fans like you." CFB shows Mary all of this fanfic that he's written and put up on his website for her. He asks Mary if she could show some of his stories to Kate. Mary says that he probably should go through Kate's publisher for something like that. CFB apologizes and Mary shakes his hand and says it was nice meeting him. She goes up the stairs and back into the store as he looks on broodingly. As he puts his notebook back in his bag we get to see the (gasp!) gun in his bag. He looks back at the store and then gets in his car. Testosterone Guitar. Cargo pants. The favorite of Stalker Boys everywhere.

Fade up to Kate standing from behind a table and shaking someone's hand just as Mary is butting into another conversation. We see this through a window, as Crazy Fan Boy is leaning against a tree to stare and smile. The books illuminated on his shoulder look like a package of dynamite.

Cut to Green Manor. Mitch is all up in Cam's face. Like, literally. Kenny sits on the couch and flips channels. Mitch says he just got off the phone with the school. "You cut classes the first day?" "I had a problem." Mitch tells Cam that if he has a problem he calls a teacher or a principal but doesn't just run away. Cam tries to say it isn't that simple, but Mitch interrupts and says, "You pull a stunt like this it tells me this is exactly where you belong." What happened to the last episode where Kenny was all dying and Mitch told Cam that he'd go easier on him? Mitch says that if Cameron has a problem, then talk. Long, slow close-up of Cameron slowly shaking his head and opening his mouth. His mouth makes a spit bubble as he says, "No problem." "Good," Mitch says, and walks off. Cameron stands agape ("really?") for a few seconds and then joins Kenny on the couch. Kenny asks if it was really that bad. "I go to school with a bunch of criminals," Cam says like he's Emilio Estevez in The Breakfast Club. "I'll be lucky if I fight my way out alive." Hey, Cam. News flash. You're a criminal. You bust some girl out of rehab, take her to a rave, crash a truck through a high school... you're not Greg Brady. Cam says that he needs to just be invisible. Kenny says he can give some pointers on that. "First rule: no bright colors." The doorbell rings as Meghan walks down the stairs towards the door. "I'll get it," she says, like she has to do everything around here. If she's already walking towards the door and she already knows it's Clay, then what is the big flipping deal? I hate Meghan.

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