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Fade up to the alley, this time with police. They put CFB in a body bag and zip him up. The photographer takes a picture of the body after the bag has been zipped. I don't know why, either. Kate is telling a detective that she has a permit, but she doesn't have it with her because she doesn't live there. She was in town to do some work. A detective asks Mary how she got CFB's blood on her shirt. There's a slow motion flashback to Mary running to CFB's side when he hit the ground and pulling him onto his back. She says she tried CPR. The detective asks if she knew him. "No," she says. Flashback of Mary giving CFB CPR. The detective asks if the first time Mary spoke to CFB if he gave any indication of being a threat. Flashback of gunshot. CFB recoiling. She says he didn't. He "seemed sweet." I want to tell the detective to get a load of her kids if he wants to see her definition of the word "sweet." CFB is wheeled away. The detective tells Mary they'll continue it tomorrow. He gives her a number for a crisis counselor. Kate walks up to Mary and asks if she wants a ride home. "Huh?" Mary asks. "I'm leavin', they said I could leave." I thought that was Mary's car they were loading. Whatever. Mary says that Mitch is coming to pick her up and that she'll call her. Kate walks off, but Mary's still got her unsettled face on, so the entire world can expect some bitching and moaning pretty soon. Mitch shows up and busts through the crime scene and gets directed to Mary. They hug during the spinny-cam.

The spinny-cam continues as Cam hugs Mary. Mary asks why everyone is up and that they should be in bed. "Oh, Mom, please don't worry about us," Center of the Universe II whines with arms crossed. This gun-shooting thing is so taking away from her boyfriend leaving in two months crisis. Mary asks for a glass of water. Elizabeth sits down with Mary (she's wearing her sensitive lavender cardigan, so you know she's not going to be aggressive in this scene. Only turtlenecks and purple cardigans for this woman.), and asks what the shooter wanted. "He was a stupid fan with a gun," Mitch says, mocking concern for Mary by rubbing her shoulders. They're just getting to this now? "Thank God Kate was carrying a gun," Elizabeth says. Mary gives her the shocked face. "Why?" "Why? Because she got him before he got you." Mary asks how she can say that. Mitch says that Elizabeth is right (call the press!) and that if he had been there he would have shot the guy himself. "How can you say that?" Mary asks incredulously. "To protect my family? Yeah, I mean that." "Mom, the guy attacked you," Cameron says, wondering if he can be his mom's bodyguard for the next few days and miss school. Mary says that he didn't attack her and that he had a name and she can't understand why everyone is so happy that someone got killed. "Mom, we're not, we're just glad that you're okay," Daddy's Little Girl is so not scoring points with her namesake. Mary sees Elizabeth taking her bloody clothes to the trash and Mary has a fit. Everyone says she should get rid of them, but Mary wants to keep them. She says she'll have them cleaned. Mitch says she can buy new clothes. Mary yells at everyone to stop fighting her. Yes, this scene is as childish as it sounds. Mary storms off as everyone else thinks about how this is so much worse than when Mary was pregnant.

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