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Send In The Clones

  • Chick magnet
  • Impulsive
  • Arguments with older sister
  • Prone to in-the-camera's-face voice-overs
  • Often lies to parents
  • Smart-alecky
  • Questions authority

  • What went wrong
    • Cameron lacks charm, wit and intelligence
    • Ferris's antics were wacky and creative, whereas Cameron is fighting to do a railslide outside the Commons
    • Ferris had both a best friend -- Cameron, with the Ferrari -- and his hot chick Sloane
    • Ferris doesn't look like a primate

  • What Kenny has over Kevin
    • A jeep
    • Cameron gets to have sex with girls in his bedroom

Meghan Green

  • Supposed to be
    • Angela Chase of My So-Called Life

  • Similarities
    • Angst
    • Ennui
    • Weird lipsticks
    • Mother-daughter conflicts
    • Arguments with younger sibling

  • What went wrong
    • Angela has compassion, humility and a concern for her friends
    • Angela has friends, both gay and straight
    • Meghan is missing a scowl without a whine
    • Angela focused on one cute boy while Meghan has a new love every week; we never root for her loves because we never get a chance to care for the new guy
    • Angela can get away with wearing parachute pants
    • Meghan is a big ol' bitch

  • What Kenny has over Kevin
    • Uh...uh...Meghan's a senior? I really can't think of anything
    • Oh, maybe the World's Largest Kitchen and the ability to control anyone's life by being the undisputed Center of the Universe

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