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Sexual Healing

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Sexual Healing

Meghan is talking a mile a minute on her date, yet again explaining her entire family. The only new thing we learn here is Mitch's job. He's in real estate development. "I know, that's so 'rape the environment,'" Meghan snorts. The hair on the back of my neck stands up. Soul Patch boy is too cool in his jazz coffee club setting to be frazzled by Meghan's mindless chatter and he uses words like "nanosecond" so we know he's probably been to college. He asks when Meghan has to be home. She says something really pithy like, "Oh. Whenever."

Mitch and Mary have a short discussion about whether they screwed Cameron up. Cameron is lying in the backyard still spitting and catching his gum. He's only on fifty-six. He's slow with math. Kenny joins him and tries to get advice about Rebecca. "You wanna know what I think?" Cam asks him. "I think I don't care." Cameron then goes into a big speech about how Mitch and Mary have given up on him. It's pretty obvious since Mitch and Mary gave Meghan their "M" name, but then just stopped with Cameron. He's upset that they didn't "freak" when they found out he was hiding notes. Meghan shows up late for curfew and joins them on the bench. She doesn't know if she really liked her date, or if she only liked it because it pissed of her parents. Cameron bitches that their parents care more about Meghan and Kenny than they do about him, and Kenny tries to stick up for Mitch and Mary, saying they're doing a pretty good job. Cameron and Meghan insult Kenny and call him a kid and he leaves. Meghan tells Cameron he doesn't respect anyone. She continues with this classic piece of dialogue: "And you know what the message is here, Cameron? You don't respect yourself and until you do, until you just get off your ass and stop...Gah! Stop jumping down people's throats because they love you...until know you can have all the privacy you want." And with that, she leaves. Fade to white.

The commercial ends as we hear the Infinity music again and know that the Greens are getting it on. Mitch and Mary reach climax. We see half of Mary's boob as Mitch takes off for work. Kenny is upset about blowing off Rebecca as victor throws him into a staircase and asks why he keeps avoiding him. "Look, it's not intentional," Kenny says, "it's...circumstantial." "Circumstantial?" victor asks. "What is this, The Practice?"

If you're keeping score at home, that's eleven TV show references in one and a half hours.

victor is upset that his dad is going to marry Amber. He walks off slowly so we can see both Rebecca and victor stare at him as Kenny think-talks: "Two guys, a girl and a..."

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