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Previously on Get Real: Meghan gets dumped. Mary hugs Meghan. Rebecca is flattered Kenny is treating her like a sex object. Mary is riding Meghan about not going to college. We remember all this? Good.

Scene opens with the family eating dinner. They don't talk; they just eat like it's a "pit stop." Enter Jeff. "Jeff Marks," Meghan voice-overs to us, "the other love of my dad's life." This is Mitch's "best friend" who wears Hawaiian shirts. His daughter Lily is there. She calls him "Daddy." Mitch and Jeff have golf plans. Jeff lights a cigar in the house. Elizabeth leaves on her date with the doctor. Mary complains about the big party she's planning. Meghan walks in wearing a blouse that's tied under her chest to show her new navel ring and high-fives Lily. Mary gives Meghan the stink eye for her outfit. Jeff walks over to his daughter and tells her he loves her. They embrace. She says she loves him too. Meghan looks fondly at Mitch, but he looks uncomfortable. They hear screaming outside and it's Cameron playing basketball. Quick shots of the family determining whether Cam was at dinner or not. Jeff makes a quip to Cam. Mary tells Meghan to take off that outfit. Meghan asks why Lily can wear whatever she wants. Jeff admits he's a bad father and takes off with Mitch. "Mom, you're awesome," Cameron says. "Not only did you give Meghan your blouse -- you let her, like, totally ruin it." He does a finger gesture towards Meghan's breasts but she doesn't notice it because her eyes are rolling upward. I'm creeped out. Cameron starts eating the leftovers.

We watch Mitch and Jeff putt golf balls in the dark on a sprinkler-filled course. Meghan does the courtesy of a voice-over to tell us that Jeff and Mitch would marry each other's clothes. I don't know what that means either. Mitch is smoking a cigar so we know he's relaxed and hanging with his homey. Jeff is a used-car dealer. He asks Mitch what's wrong with him, why he's so uptight. They make a $50 wager on who can putt the ball the farthest. Mitch, of course, wins by hitting the ball so far it busts a car and they quote Monty Python as they "run away" and don't bother to share any of their millions with the poor sap whose car they just dented. Meghan explains it to us as "living in the moment." Cue quick opening gospel theme and commercial.

White fade to Meghan explaining how long time can take when you are waiting for class to end. Kenny and Rebecca are passing notes. She passes a note and think-moans, "Feed me. Please, feed me." What's up with that? Her note is addressed to "Nasty Dog." There's a nickname for you. Whatever is in young Rebecca's note arouses Kenny. He makes a Star Trek joke and follows it with "resistance is futile."

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