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Meghan discusses in a recap about how everyone in her family is grieving differently. Elizabeth hands Mitch a letter he got in the mail. He says he recognizes the handwriting and shoves it in his pocket. Kenny tries to talk to him but he walks off. Elizabeth tells Mary not to keep her grief inside like she did when "Dad" died and she had a nervous breakdown. Cue five-note Get Real jingle as Rebecca tries to talk to Kenny. He asks if he can be alone. He doesn't want to stop thinking about Jeff or his dad and he doesn't want to be distracted by her. She says she's cool with that and walks off. Meghan walks in to Mitch working on the eulogy. She gives him a picture of Mitch and Jeff eating spaghetti. He watches old videos of the two of them at a barbecue. Jeff kisses Mitch on the mouth. Mitch rewinds and watches them kiss over and over until Kenny walks in and hugs him. Mary tries to get the birthday party finalized and get a run in her stocking and freaks out a little on her bed. Meghan asks if her butt looks okay in her funeral dress. Two words: Self. Absorbed. Mary makes the creepy statement: "I used to wipe that butt." They hug. Mitch stands in front of the casket in the funeral room (because time shifts freely in this world) and opens the letter. It's the fifty-dollar check, of course. Jeff didn't sign it, of course. The oboe kicks in.

Six hundred and fifty-seven people show up for the funeral. Mary, Elizabeth and the Doctor (see, I told you) sit behind Lily and Joanne. The only young person I see is a girl in a wheelchair. For some reason Kenny, Meghan and Cameron are standing at the back of the temple, by the exit door. I assume this is so the director can get a good shot of all three of them at once. I called five of my Jewish friends to see if this was a custom that I was unaware of. Matt said it was possibly an Orthodox custom, but he wasn't sure. Marc said he'd never heard of such a thing, but he's not the strictest Jew and often when television shows have Jewish customs they do these strict services that most people don't practice. Brently's answering machine. Jason's answering machine. Lisa said she's never heard of that, but she said, "Let me look it up in my big book of Jewish questions," which I thought meant that I had insulted her a bit and she was making a joke about being some Jewish 8-Ball. That was until I heard the pages flip. "There's no mention of children having to stand in the back according to the Jewish Book of Why. Feel free to make fun of it all you want." Thanks, guys.

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