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You love it. You crave it. You're almost out of it. It's time to Get Real.

Previously on Get Real: Cameron and Slutgirl were kinda-sorta hooking up, but Slutgirl was giving mixed signals. Mitch was just "trying to" hold his house together, since he's losing money quite quickly on that Frisky Father Firehouse.

Kenny kicks off the episode: "My life is over." Meghan walks over to see what the problem is. It's Kenny's driver's license. He's barely got his eyes open in his photo. But if you're curious, ladies:

Kenneth Steven Green
877 Pinecrest Road
Pola Verdes, CA 91350

Sex: M Hair: Brown
Height: 5'9" Weight: 165

The date of the license says "07/23/1999," but we won't worry about that.

Oh, and I already checked it on Yahoo! Maps: there's no Pinecrest in Pola Verdes.

Meghan tells Kenny that it's only four years until he can get a new photo. The next few minutes are spent with Meghan and Elizabeth giving a PSA in favour of organ donors. Elizabeth tells him it's to "harvest [his] organs." Kenny likens it to corn. Elizabeth points out that they won't do it while he's still alive. He says that he doesn't want a doctor jumping the gun. Meghan tells him that if it bothers him then he can leave the organ donor sticker off his license. The Center of the Universe II has spoken. ["I assume no one expected a Green do make a decision that was totally unselfish." -- Wing Chun]

Crisis Center. Jumpy Blonde in a leopard-print coat asks Mary how much longer she's going to have to wait. Mary says that they've been very busy. Jumpy Blonde asks if she can talk to Mary. Mary says that she's "just a volunteer" and that she's "not allowed to talk to the clients." This, of course, gets Jumpy Blonde all teary and she gets up to leave. Mary follows her, since no one is technically allowed to storm out on the Center of the Universe and shouts, "Stop!" She apologizes to Jumpy Blonde for sounding like they were too busy for her. Jumpy Blonde says that she just feels really overwhelmed and that she's having "shortness in breath." Doctor Mary tells her it sounds like anxiety attacks. Mary starts blabbing to the girl about her own problems until Jumpy Blonde looks a bit bored. She invites Jumpy Blonde back into the clinic. She puts her arm around her and walks her in.

Mitch is going on about the firehouse. To Tom Arnold. Really. It's Tom Arnold. Why would he know the Greens? Oh, right. The Stupids. Tom is interested in buying the Frisky Father Firehouse. Tom thinks that Mitch is asking for too much money. It's really boring builder-speak here, so I'll spare you.

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