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Due to the extreme boredom, I take a break for three hours to play computer solitaire.

Then I just go to sleep because I can't handle this show anymore today.

Okay. Next day. Ready to dive back in. I think.

Mitch comes home to a fiery Mary. She's all storming up to him while he's trying to make small talk. There's a fire going in the fireplace. Mitch says that he's just going to take a quick shower and head back and Mary busts out, "How could you?" He asks if Elizabeth told her. She says she didn't have to. "The bank already tipped me off. Meghan's college fund? You had no right to keep this from me. If I had known, I could have helped. I never would have quit my job to do volunteer work...." Okay, first off, you quit your job to have a baby. This was long before there were any money issues. But Mitch doesn't bring up my good point and says instead, "You love that job; I want you to be able to keep it." She's had the job for, like, three weeks. "I don't see how if we're facing bankruptcy," she replies. Mitch says that they won't be bankrupt and that she shouldn't worry. She asks how she could not be worried. Mitch starts yelling: "Well, there were a thousand things that I never told you that would have kept you up all night, I stayed up all night instead. Well, I'm about to do it again." Mitch tries very hard to be the martyr here, but Mary knows just what to say: "I do not need your macho crap!" Mitch pauses for a second to sink in the most pathetic line ever offered in a family fight and gives enough space for Mary to hit the point home: "I need a partner. I thought we were a team. Now I don't know what the hell we are." She walks off and up the enormous staircase of their mansion. As we fade to black we see Mitch looking distant as he thinks, "Wait a minute. No one in this family has a job. Why didn't I see this coming?"

Meghan and Slutgirl are sitting in a coffee shop something-or-other. Meghan starts by saying that she knows she made a big point about not butting in and this is SO not that what she's about to do, and then proceeds to butt in. She calls it, "honest concern. You know, like preventive maintenance. Like, uh, like, uh, like, uh...getting your brakes checked." Slutgirl interrupts to ask for the point. "The point is...don't hurt my brother." Slutgirl asks where this is coming from, since Cam isn't the serious type. Meghan says she thinks he is serious about Slutgirl. Now, get this: "Cameron is a victim of his image. He comes with all these built-in expectations of him as a, a, a womanizer and a party boy. And maybe he's trying to change that." Slutgirl says that he did give her a necklace, and that she doesn't know why anyone in high school would give someone jewelry. What? That's all you give in high school. Meghan offers that the type of person to give jewelry in high school is, "The kind of guy who's never been in love and has no idea of how to express it?" Or, just any sort of guy in high school. I'm just sayin'. I've got like, sixteen necklaces, three bracelets, two sets of earrings and five toe rings. Slutgirl purses her lips and looks distant.

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