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Cameron and Kenny watch television as Saint Mary storms around her giant house. In the World's Largest Kitchen, Mary walks into Elizabeth's force field, which grants her the ability to speak. "So, how'd it go?" she asks. Mary tells her she's in no mood to speak about it. And especially not with Elizabeth. "Oh, please!" Elizabeth sneers. "I kept a secret for one day -- not even! And you're gonna crucify me for that?" Mary brats and slams the refrigerator door and says she's not in the mood. Cam and Kenny look towards Queen Mary to see why she's troubled. Elizabeth tells Mary not to take it out on her. As Mary goes on about how stupid she felt when the bank called to tell her something that could conceivably be outside of her powers of perception and reality, Kenny asks Cam why Mary is so angry. Cam says that he doesn't know, and that "this whole family is in a mood." He says that Mitch practically bit Kenny's head off the other day about the car and Kenny tells Cam to go easy on Mitch. "I wasn't attacking him," Cam says, like this is now Kenny's fault. Detective Kenny squints and says that something is up with the firehouse. Somebody better call Columbo. As Kenny rehashes what happened at the firehouse the other day, Cam suffers from Echolalia and asks questions that repeat the end of the sentence that Kenny just said. Like, "...and it was ripped apart." "Ripped apart? What happened?" Kenny says that he went in and saw Mitch and he starts to change the subject, but Mary teleports over to the room and demands that Kenny tell him what he saw. Kenny and Cam say they were just talking about homework, but Mary's neck cords box Kenny on the face and say they are in "no mood to be lied to." He says that he saw Mitch crying. Awwwwww. This makes everyone freeze for a moment and then stare at the ground. Then everyone melts as they realize how terrible of human beings they are. Then they all stand in the center of the room and high-five and hug the sensitive oboe because this means another Green is going through a huge crisis that will change all of their lives and quite possibly, teach them something about love, and, ultimately, themselves. Huzzah!

Frisky Father Firehouse. A few light fixtures. Running water. Mitch bathes his face in the inside faucet by the wood paneling. This place is classy, I tell you. Mary walks in and demands he gets some sleep. Mitch says he can't because he's got a lot of work to finish up first. Mary then asks what she can do to help: "I'm here to help." "What turned you around?" he asks. Around from what? She was never asked to help. She replies, "Well, if something is so big that you have to sit alone in the firehouse and have a cry, then obviously we have to regroup." "Cry? Where'd you get that?" he asks. "Kenny saw you," she explains. The sad piano kicks in as Mitch leans his head back and thinks, "Those were tears for my daughter. I miss her soft skin." The melodrama gets huge here as Mary holds her stomach and says, "Look, Mitch, I know you're just trying to protect us." Mitch leans forward on his drafting table and wails, "Oh, I wish this was all about protecting you. There'd be a kind of nobility in that, I guess. [Huge sigh. Incredibly extreme close-up] And yeah, part of it is, but the other part is pride. You know, I was humiliated. I was scared, I didn't want you to know I'd failed. [sigh] You know, honey, I had this big dream for us and I wasn't good enough to pull it off. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." "Mitch," she whispers. "Mitch. I love you. So, what are we up against?"

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