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They zoom in so we can see the contract in fact, says, $400,000. Mitch stares for a while at the piece of paper. Tom says that he's the only hope they have and if they don't sell to him they could lose "everything." Mary's neck cords are freaking out. There's a little head-tilting action as the three of them stare at each other, and we get a camera angle from every possible view of the three of them staring at each other in every combination. Yeah, it takes a while. Mitch grabs the pen, and as the music comes to a climax, Mary smacks her hand down on top of Mitch's so hard that her wedding ring pierces his flesh. She grabs the contract out from under Mitch's hand, pushes him out of the way and says to Tom, "We'll risk it." Tom asks what Mitch wants to do. Very meekly, from behind the Center of the Universe's smug smile he says, "You heard her. We're rejecting the offer." He should go on to say, "My wife, who knows absolutely nothing about business, or finance, or restoration, or anything, thinks this is for the best. And unless I want a deep beating this evening, I have no choice but to listen to her." But he doesn't. Tom walks off. The closing music starts up. Tom says he hopes they both "sleep well" tonight.

Mary says that it felt good to say that. Mitch says he bets Tom was pissed. Mary says she's pissed, too. She got a taste of the humiliation that he was talking about and she didn't like it. She pulls a bottle of champagne from the sink and says she thought they'd have something to celebrate. He grabs it and says they shouldn't waste it. Why not? Let's get drunk. She asks what's next. He says they just blew their last "lifeline." Regis calls me and says, "I just got paid an extra million dollars because they said that. I own the word 'lifeline' now. How do ya like them apples, Pamie?" Mary says they'll think of something. Mitch says they have to. They toast to "beautiful dreams" and Mitch goes to lean in and kiss her, but they break away and do a distant shot of them leaning in to kiss again. They make out and get drunk as their money runs out completely.

Next week: Season finale. Tom's still around for some reason, and is really trying to get the firehouse. Clay is failing out of school. He's also seeing some other people. Meghan meets an old girlfriend of his. Clay says he's not like Meghan and she begs him not to give up on his life, or, "on us." And I think that, after this episode, everyone's giving up. Bring your party favors for this one, as I plan on sending Get Real off in style.

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