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Mitch walks by the bathroom saying something to Mary but Cam follows him and says that he's got to see Kenny's license. "It's like this dead Ewok," he says. I really wish they'd stop letting everyone ad-lib. Seriously. "I'm really not in the mood for hints, okay Cam?" Daddy Poopoo says completely from nowhere. "I can't buy you a car, Kenny. Not now. You all go to the same school, what's so damn hard about car-pooling?" Jeez. Kenny and Cam do a few double-blinks and try and figure out what's wrong with their father. "Stress," Cam offers.

Frisky Father Firehouse. Okay, this gets weird. Mitch shows up and hears, "Heads up!" and a giant spool of wire comes crashing down the stairwell, busting the railing and landing on a table beneath. The table crashes. The railing busts in a perfect square. I don't know. It's all slow motion and strange. Mitch asks what the hell that was all about. Some Russian Mafia types walk down the stairs and say, "It's called 'Making a statement.'" Head Russian Mafia guy says they are done working and claps his hands and tells people it's time to go. "Until you start paying," he tells Mitch, pointing a finger. Mitch asks if the check cleared. HRM says that they never clear. So, why is he still around? Mitch is going on about having a buyer in tomorrow and he can't sell the place if the work isn't finished and HRM says that if he doesn't pay them he'll never sell the place. They gave HRM a little skullcap so he looks foreign. Mitch gives the open-armed "no fault" look as the Russians storm out with their equipment. The testosterone guitar and piano come to an orgasm of pain and suffering and "dramatic tension."

School Without Classes. Meghan enters one of the rooms that has desks in it. The room doesn't have a door. She sits down with Slutgirl and Clay and announces that the "Wondermints are playing at Java" that evening. Clay asks who they are. Meghan gets a "stupid boy" look and says, "Tennisha's brother's band." Remember Tennisha? Didn't think so. Meghan and Slutgirl begin slaughtering of the band's songs. "She doesn't love, she doesn't hate, she doesn't...shreiddreesshhh." "Well, why don't we all go and check it out, then?" Clay suggests, as if he thinks he came up with the idea. Meghan cocks her head and says, "Okay." Slutgirl complains about being the third wheel ["while Sars, who has never seen this show, roars, 'It's "FIFTH WHEEL!"'" -- Wing Chun] and that if she doesn't bring a date then she's going to "get hit on all night." Meghan echoes everyone else, and says, "Oh, boo hoo." Clay says that Slutgirl should just ask Cameron. Meghan immediately interrupts, "Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, uh, assuming for the moment that I'm okay with my crummy-head [I think that's what she said] brother -- which, by the way, I'm really not -- he is like, totally pissed at you." Slutgirl says he'll get over it. "Buh-nuh-na-na-nah!"

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