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Roof of crisis center. Mary sits with her coffee and looks introspective. Love Handles walks over to her. Mary apologizes and says that she thought Karen needed help and she really didn't want her to leave. Love Handles says,"Karen Murphy has tried to commit suicide twice." The sound says that, but Love Handles lips clearly say "Karen Murdock." I don't know. She came in and said that she was very depressed and off her medication. Mary says that she knows what she did was wrong and possibly could have made things worse. "Well, you could have, but you didn't," Love Handles says. Mary is all, "Ruh?" Love Handles says that getting Karen back in for counseling may have saved her life. Oh, don't feed Mary's ego like that, please? "Really?" Mary says. Too late. Love Handles says that Karen needs help and that Mary is going to want to add to her hours. She hands Mary over Karen's file. She's going to be Karen's counselor. Mary is very proud of herself. Dear Karen: Run. Love, Everyone.

School Without Classes. Slutgirl jumps on Cam's back. Cam shoves her off. Slutgirl observes that he's in a mood. Cam rehashes the meteor shower thing again and says that he felt like an idiot for thinking she'd show up. Slutgirl says that she forgot about the date. By the time she remembered it was one in the morning and too late. He asks how he's supposed to respond to that. "You're supposed to be charmed by my candor and let me make it up to you at Java tonight?" He's all, "I don't think so." ["He's probably also all, 'What does "candor" mean?'" -- Wing Chun] She asks if he has other plans like a "hot date." She says it'll be fun. He says if she pays his cover that he'll go. There's some "flirting" here. She jumps on his back again as they walk off. An extra gives a double take to Slutgirl as if she's thinking, "Who wears those boots with those pants? Those heels are like, six inches."

Mitch's car. He gets a call from Tom who apologizes for being in such a bad mood the other day, and that he'd like to see the inside of the building on Saturday. They set a time. Mitch pulls up to the firehouse. It's been gutted. All of the electrical equipment has been pulled from the walls. Mitch does a few "what the hell?" voice-overs and they zoom in on him looking concerned. Fade to white.

I'm sorry this episode is so boring. I really am.

I don't know about this Subway Sandwich Diet, but I do know one thing. If you ever end up on my side of Austin, I highly recommend the Subway down the street from my house. At about six in the evening it becomes a magical place. Everyone who works there is about to get off work and is in a good mood, and all of the cute, sweaty boys are just getting off their hard labor jobs and they all stand there with their tools dangling off their shorts and their nice, tight calves and their cute hair tucked into their baseball caps and they are all smiling and joking and I become fourteen.

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