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Mitch shows up at the Russians' lot and tells them he wants his stuff back and reinstalled. They want fifty thousand dollars. Now. HRM drives off.

"I need thirty thousand dollars. I'll pay you back in a month." Pan over from Mitch to Elizabeth, who seems very concerned. She doesn't have that kind of cash. She offers to cash in her IRA. Mitch says he thought she had more money. If she did, why would she be living in your house, Mitch? Elizabeth offers to come up with a couple of thousand. Mitch says that it was a mistake asking her, and that she should forget about it. She says that she's in shock because Mary hasn't ever mentioned that things were that bad. Mitch says he's kinda sorta not told Mary about any of it. He didn't want to worry her. He didn't want to tell her until it was serious. Elizabeth says she thinks this is pretty serious. Mitch asks to keep it between the two of them until he tells Mary. She asks how long that will be. He says he's having lunch with her in an hour. "My lips are sealed," Elizabeth says. They hug. I spend an hour and a half surfing the recaps of City of Angels just to have something else to do.

World's Largest Kitchen. Mary is bragging about saving the world, one damaged person at a time. Mitch says that he's proud of her and asks if there's a salary in her new full-time job. Mary says that she's not in it for the money, and that there's not really any money in it at all, but it's made her think about going back to get her psychology degree. Hee. I guess her psychic powers and self-centeredness aren't just enough. Now she wants to be called Dr. Center of the Universe. She says that the kids will be leaving the house soon ("Hey guys? It's me, Kenny. I'm only sixteen!"), and that someday she'll open her own clinic. Mitch pours his sixteen-dollar bottle of water and sighs, "That sounds great." Mary asks why they are meeting for lunch in the middle of the day. Mitch takes a v e r y l o n g t i m e to say "I just think we need to make an spend more time together every day." "That's it?" Mary squeaks. Mitch says he enjoys "breaking bread with the woman [he] love[s]." They kiss and go back to their lunch. She says she's glad that was the news because she was "a little bit worried." Mitch drinks their gas money for the month and tries to figure out how much he could make hustling Cameron and Kenny.

Club Java. Looks like a coffee house. Oh, it is a coffee house. People are drinking giant mugs of coffee. That'll be good for the mosh pit. Happy college kids dance. I can't tell which one of those guys is supposed to be Tennisha's brother, but someone must have been slippin' a little sumin-sumin with the milkman. I'm just sayin'. Also, they don't really pull a crowd. Cam turns to Slutgirl and asks if she wants something because he's headed for the bar. She says she wants to dance and pulls Meghan onto the dance floor. Cam pulls a Duckie and says, "That's okay, I'll just sit here." Meghan and Slutgirl dance, and they've got the boobie-cam on poor Meg. Clay asks Cam why he's not dancing. "I only dance for money," Cam explains. "That's what I heard," Clay replies. As they show Slutgirl dancing and Cam leering this actual "lyric" is heard: "Is she alive? Is she a miracle of modern CGI?" Clay asks why Cam won't go and dance with Slutgirl. Well, he puts it, "Okay, so, what? Uh, pod people have abducted Cameron Green and replaced him with a big puss?" Oh, were it that easy. Cam maintains that he's not "a puss." I think you guys mean "wuss," becaue "puss" means "mouth." If you're not allowed to say "pussy," give David E. Kelley a call. I'm sure he could hook you guys up with something. Maybe a "slit" or two. Cam says that he's not getting a vibe. Clay's like, "Right, you don't get a vibe from Slutgirl. Dude, everybody gets a vibe from Slutgirl." Cam says he doesn't know what kind of vibe he's getting from her, but he really does like her eyes. "It's like they're smiling atcha." Clay makes a joke about Cam getting serious. I'm getting seriously drunk. I am glad that there's actually chemistry between Cam and Slutgirl, as before the only love-action I saw going on was all Mi Familia.

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